Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nasty Tricksy Christmas Treatses

I have come to an important conclusion: Christmas treats just aren't that good.  I think we've tricked ourselves into believing that Christmas treats are good, but what we're tasting is nostalgia.  Sugar cookies remind me of my childhood, but they don't bring a whole lot to the table.  Gingerbread tastes like cardboard.  I got sick of pumpkin two months ago.  And can we all agree fruitcake just shouldn't happen?  But, as a December Fun Mom I feel the need to perpetuate the myth that this holiday season is filled with magical deliciousness.  So last Friday my elves and I spent the evening making dough . . .
(Miles is going through a face-making phase.)

. . . cutting out cookies, . . .

. . . and decorating cookies.  The grand chandelier in our dining room has suddenly stopped working, so we decorated cookies by candlelight.  Our dinners have been terribly fancy!

The only picture I got of Harrison.  He's all about the magic.
I think they emptied the whole jar of sprinkles.
I suppose it doesn't matter if the cookies aren't that tasty, as long as everyone has a magical time and makes a huge mess. 

4 Wisecracks:

Amy Maxwell said...

I LOVE the first picture of Miles. It cracks me up!!

Patti said...

As long as it's magical!

allyn said...

sometimes a sugar cookie is just what i need to hit the spot. i soon regret it, but for the moment it brings me joy.
you are amazing at keeping up this december fun mom thing. trooper.

it must be time for the old landlord to cough up a new chandelier. perhaps an updated one.

Wendy said...

word sister! I found that sugar cookies make me hate cookies. But i'd like yours. Miles is sure handsome!