Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring in Our Step

As I mentioned before, our Spring Break has been cold.  Really cold.  Today a snowstorm came through and covered everything with snow and everything is cancelled foreverandever.  My kids are never going back to school.  That's cool, I guess.  We can just stay home and eat kettle corn til we rot.  (I burned three batches of it tonight.  Now I'm an expert.)  I do remember warm, Spring-like weather.  I remember it like it was yesterday . . .

[Harp music plays.]

Yesterday we headed to a local park so our children could participate in the town Easter egg hunt.  They divided the kids into different age groups.

Miles hunted with the 1-3 year olds on the tennis court.  In hindsight, he probably could have handled a more challenging hunt.
I finally had to escort him off of the court so the other kids would have a chance.
Miles and Jeff opened each egg looking for candy only to discover that the 1-3 year olds don't get candy.  They get cool stuff like tiny erasers and that plastic choking device Miles is holding.  So . . . that's fun.
Jeff's not posing.  He just looks like that.  Hubba hubba.
Chloe ran with the bulls in the 7-9 year old hunt.  It was every kid for himself.  She held her own.
Miles was intrigued to discover that Chloe's eggs were filled with candy.  What the--?!
Harrison quickly emptied all the eggs and put the candy in his pocket. ("You'll never find it now!")
Miles agreed to clean up all of Harrison's eggs in exchange for some mints.  I don't think there's much my kids won't do for candy.  That's kind of a scary thought.

Speaking of scary . . .

8 Wisecracks:

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

Bunny costumes are the worst!! We saw the Easter bunny at the mall yesterday and Samantha wanted nothing to do with it. Poor miles, all that work and no candy. Not cool. Hope you have more to live on then kettle corn, like Easter egg candy!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

So funny! We went to a hunt yesterday and it was opposite! Cam got all of the candy and Ryan was stuck with erasers and stickers, etc. Such bum luck. At least our Easter bunny flew in on Helicopter. That helped him not to notice the lack of candy.

Patti said...

As I was walking past Scottish Hills Pool Saturday I saw the exact Easter Bunny sitting on a bench. A woman and her children walked up to it and she started talking in a really loud voice, "THIS IS PERFECT WEATHER FOR YOU ISN'T IT?" That was almost creepier than the very large bunny. And who doesn't put candy in Easter eggs?! It's like false advertising.

allyn said...

aron got mad at me last night for spoiling easter for all of our children. i don't believe in keeping the tradition of telling our children that a gigantic psycho rabbit hops into your house at night and delivers a basket of goodies to you. it has NOTHING to do with the resurrection of the Savior. why make it about that? i don't know. i love easter egg hunts, though. especially in cold weather. and i love all of your posts even if i don't comment.
h looks like rodrick from diary of a wimpy kid in that picture of m cleaning up h's mess. that was a handsome shot of your not-posing husband, and chloe's nancy drew get-up is too adorable.

melissa said...

Patti, that's hilarious!

Allyn, we've never told our kids there is an Easter bunny. Our kids keep asking why they don't get presents for Easter. They get candy in baskets the day before, but Harrison says his friends get videogames and remote control cars. How very Easter.

"Chloe's Nancy Drew get-up"--ha! She totally looks like Nancy Drew!

Jess said...

Okay, so if you do your candy baskets the day before, do you do anything on the day of to help them think about Jesus? It's a move we are considering this year.

I am also frustrated by the lack of kid's candy in little one's eggs. Because erasers are just right for a two year old. Argh! We went to a city egg "hunt" once in Texas and it was just a bunch of businesses with booths handing out eggs. :(

The Reiersens said...

Hahaha! Sooo creepy!

Cegan Hansen said...

We were questioning why they put perfect little choking toys into the little kid's eggs too.... needless to say most of those found their way to the trash. : ( Sad day.