Monday, May 27, 2013

Short and Sweet (Just like Harrison)

May is a little bit crazy, no?  This past week was full of end-of-year events, including Harrison's Blue and Gold Banquet.

I think because this is such a busy time of year, his leaders wanted to make life easier for families by making the evening short and sweet.  There was no banquet to the banquet.  Just a few words from the den leaders about the fun activities they had this year and then awards were given.
I'm so glad Harrison has such great scout leaders.  I am not a very involved scout parent.  I didn't even buy him his new book for this past year.  His leaders did a great job of keeping the boys on track to earn their Bears.  We did a few things at home, too, but he couldn't have done it without such diligent leaders.
Here Sister Smith and Brother Riordan award Harrison his Bear, two silver arrowheads, and one gold arrowhead. 

Way to go, buddy!  You're doing it!

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Patti said...

Having a great scouting program makes being a mother of boys so much easier! Good job Harrison!