Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Amazing Zoo Race

I had the pleasure of going on a zoo field trip with Chloe last week.  They split all the first graders up into small groups and had them perform challenges and get new clues, just like on The Amazing Race.  I'm usually not a fan of busywork on field trips, but it was really fun.  Here's Chloe's team:

Marnae, Zoe, Chloe, Isaiah, and Elliot

I love seeing how my kids interact with their school friends.  Chloe was confident, but kind, and her friends seemed to like her very much.  She told me over and over again that she was happy to have me there.  I'll enjoy that while I can.

Here's the season premier of The Amazing Zoo Race: St. Louis. 

2 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

Girl, you workin that new video gear. Was that one dimension singing? Sweet sweet Chloe.

Katy said...

So cute! I love going on field trips with my kids. Sweet video!