Thursday, May 2, 2013

Your Second Cousin Once Removed

This is my lovely cousin, Ashley, and her son, Bennett.  Ashley and her family used to live here in St. Louis and they stopped by on their way to Kansas City last week.  Miles and I met Ashley's family at the zoo on Monday.

Miles has really been into the show Wild Kratts, lately, so he was pretty excited to see all the animals.  He told me rhinos are his favorite and cheetahs are fast.  See how he learns stuff?

This is the part where Hayden, Miles, and Bennett all wanted to stand in the exact same spot to look at the hippos.  That was the end of Fun Miles.

After that he was Sad Miles and not even popcorn popping on that tree could cheer him up.

The elephants tried to cheer him up with their adorable eating of the lunch.

No dice.  It was all just too, too sad.

So we cut our outing short and let the Pace's continue without us.  I don't think I could have kept up with Bennett much longer, anyway.  That boy is speedy!

After school, I told Harrison I had spent some time with my cousin at the zoo.  He asked what my cousin is to him.  I didn't know, so I looked it up.  The website I found said that he and Ashley would be second cousins, which confused me because I thought my kids and Ashley's kids would be second cousins.  Jeff thought second cousins were your cousins' cousins, but then admitted that his brother Ted may have told him that, so it was probably a bunch of malarkey.  So, can anyone clear this up for me?  What's a second cousin?  And what are second cousins once removed?

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Laura Soto said...

I always understood it the way you did and Wikipedia backs us up. They have an easy to read family tree with examples.

Ted said...

woah. never said that. Sheesh. All you do is go back to your most recent, common ancestor. The number of steps from you to that ancestor minus one is what # cousins you are. The difference between the number of step from to the common ancestor and the number steps for you cousin to the common ancestor is how many removed you are. E.g. if your cousins Great-grandfather (so 3 away) is your Grandfather (2 away) you are (2-1 =1) first cousins, (3-2=1) once removed. And your kids, since they share a great-grandfather, would just be second cousins.

cousins's cousins. phsaw!

melissa said...

Yeah, I told him that was crap, so Jeff blamed you. He says you used to make up a lot of "facts" when you guys were kids, so he throws you under the bus whenever he says something ridiculous. HAHAHA! Just kidding.

Ashley said...

I am more confused... Also, I just went through and watched every picture on your banner roll along, they are awesome! So glad we could meet up. I didn't see the hippo incident; my kids are so rude...

Ted said...

Jeff calls it making up facts. I call it science. :-D