Monday, June 24, 2013

Young Women's Camp

As a youth leader at my church I had the pleasure of attending Young Women's Camp last week with the 12-18 year old girls in our area.  I have very fond memories of "Girl's Camp" from my youth.  I met my mother-in-law, Patti, at Girl's Camp as well as my BBF, Heather.  We sang a lot of songs, wore a lot of embarrassing clothes, pulled some pretty sweet pranks, and learned about nature and stuff.  Good times.

[Front row L-R: Kay, Katelyn, Monica, Alyssa, Hadley, Isabelle, Zoe, Raven, and Rachel.  Back row L-R: Frieda, Carol, Jen, and Tiffany.  Picture stolen from Nate Tripp.]

These are all the young women and leaders from our congregation that attended camp this year.  I love these ladies.  They are so full of goodness.  Sometimes I get worried about the world my kids will inherit, and then I look at these young women and think, "If they're going to be ruling the world, we'll be just fine."

The theme for camp was "Women of Steel."  The ladies in front were in charge of everything for the week and they did an amazing job.  There is so much planning involved.  I had a mini heart attack just now when I thought about all the planning involved.

Nature . . . am I right?

Despite the heat and the bugs and the scary, scary bathrooms, it was nice to be in such a beautiful place.  It was also nice to have people making me three square meals a day and FREAKING OUT every time I tried to clean something up.  ("The girls have to do that!  Stop it!")

I loved watching our girls make friends and watching them lead and learn.

Last month all of the young women in the area had to do a three mile hike in preparation for camp.  The stake leaders asked me to take pictures of each girl posing in a gold (virtuous) cape, for a reason they had not yet determined.  I started messing around with the photos and came up with the idea of making them look like superhero posters.  The stake leaders liked the idea and these pictures decorated the walls of our main lodge.
I kind of want one for myself.  Sometimes I forget who I am, so it's nice to work with the young women and be reminded of my divine gifts.

9 Wisecracks:

A Woman of a Certain Age said...

Love, Love, LOVE the Super Cape pictures and quotes!!!

Tammy and Alvin said...

Wow! Awesome posters. So cool! Pinterest or sugardoodle followers would love you for that one!

Sarah said...

kinda jealous!! And after seeing the girls' super hero pictures on Facebook I've been meaning to write you... I LOVE what you did with them. Monica's is epic. period. Nicely done :0)

And shoot...if you want a poster of yourself, I can be the person behind the camera for you ;0)

Patti said...

Ditto, ditto, and ditto! Women of Steel. I LOVE IT!! My favorite part of your birthday call was hearing that you were heading to camp. Happy memories, happy times!

Catherine Plautz said...

Seeing your pictures makes me remember the good times I had at camp with your darling sister. I'm not a camper but the way you captured it makes it look almost bearable - except that scary, scary bathroom remark. I would die if I ever got called into YW let alone girls camp! You are a better lady than I, Melissa.

melissa said...

That's kind of you, Catherine. To be fair, I've served in YW a total of six years (over the last eleven years) and have spent 2.5 days at Girl's Camp in that time. I ran out of excuses not to go. :)

careyttops or katelyn's kid kitchen said...

I absolutely loved reading this post on your blog, because I'm planning the SuperHero theme for our stake camp this summer!!! Can I get an email address to your stake camp director, so I can contact her for all the ideas/evening programs, etc.? my email: cgmiller98@gmaildotcom
Thank you!

KellyAnne said...

We are also doing a superhero theme for girls camp this year. I was showing these cool poster pics you did to my daughter, who thinks they are awesome. She wants to know: how did you do the backgrounds? With the light beams and everything. Very cool. I hope your girls enjoyed them!

melissa said...

Kelly Anne,
Glad you like them! Tell your daughter I used Picmonkey to edit the posters and I think the light beams were under the textures.