Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fireworks. Check.

As Jeff's residency was coming to an end the reality that we would eventually be leaving St. Louis struck me pretty hard.  There are still so many places I haven't seen and things I haven't done in this city!  So I made up my St. Louis Bucket List and have been steadily chipping away at it.  One of the items on my list was to participate in one of the nearby town's "community days."  Every area around here has its own little festival of sorts and I've never checked any of them out.  So on July 4th, I took the kids to see the Webster Groves parade.  Meh. 

They had a carnival all weekend as part of the community days.  The kids were mesmerized.
It's sooooo beautiful.  But, no, we didn't go there.  I don't trust rides that can be assembled in one day.

That night I took Harrison to see the Webster fireworks.  (Jeff was at home working, Chloe had injured her foot and couldn't walk, and Miles hates waiting for anything past his bedtime.)
The fireworks were nice.  They lit up the tennis courts and floodlights beautifully. 

Another item on my bucket list was to see fireworks at the Gateway Arch.  Since Chloe had cried herself to sleep the night before about missing the fireworks, last night I took her with me to the Arch.
As part of their three day celebration, the city hosts free concerts under the arch.  Last night it was Bret Michaels.  I could have gotten closer than this, but this is as close as I wanted to be to the "Rock of Love" star.  We got there just as the concert was starting and he kept asking, "Shall we get this party started?!"  Yes, he said, "Shall we."  I thought that was mighty decent of him.

We rode the metro into downtown and got there in plenty of time to stake out a sweet spot . . .

. . . across the street at the Old Courthouse.  I prefer seeing the whole arch at once.
Chloe and I had fun eating snacks and singing along to "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."
Even without fireworks, it's pretty fantastic. 
After Bret Michael's rocked St. Louis, we enjoyed the most spectacular fireworks show I've ever seen.  These pictures definitely don't capture the awesomeness, but you get the idea.

Item #16: Watch fireworks show at the Arch.  Check.

Afterward Chloe and I got cosy with the locals on the Metro ride home.  The Cardinals game ended about the same time the fireworks were over.  Item #37: Recreate "Aren't you glad you use Dial?" commercial in St. Louis subway.  Check.

3 Wisecracks:

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

Show off- we didn't even have a parade!! I love the arch fireworks. We only went once but it was totally worth the crowds.

Patti said...

Wowsers! TWO nights of fireworks. That's a pretty sweet deal!

Nicole said...

You are wise to have a self-imposed restraining order against Bret Michael's. Ha! The Arch adds so much to the fireworks. Great shots.