Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ready for Her Close-up

A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me an email about a casting call for boys Harrison's age.  They were looking for kids who looked like some of the St. Louis Rams players and she thought Harrison looked like one.  I took him to the casting call and also had Chloe audition for an extra.  I wasn't in the room when they auditioned, but could see through them through a glass window by the door.  Based on what I saw and what Chloe told me, this is how her audition went:

  Director: Can you make a silly face?
  Chloe: [giggle]  No.
  Director: Can you make a bored face?
  Chloe: [giggle] No.
  Director: Can you make a sad face?
  Chloe: [giggle] No.

On the audition form they asked how well the kids could throw a ball or run or kick a ball on a scale of 1-5.  Chloe answered 2 for all of them.

She was cast, but Harrison wasn't.  He was a pretty good sport about it. 

Today Chloe spent the day on a commercial shoot and I spent the day as her lovely assistant.  For the first commercial, they had to play dodge ball against a young Sam Bradford, quarterback for the Rams.

Here one of the directors is telling the kids that they have to be patient and then they can throw balls at each other.

They mostly had to throw balls and run around, but not as well as Sam Bradford.  It soon became clear why she was cast.

She had all "the suits" cracking up during this shot where she was supposed to look tired and defeated.  She liked having her hair messed up after every take.

After they wrapped the Sam Bradford commercial, Chloe changed costumes and locations for her next shoot.
The next commercial was about wide receiver Tavon Austin chasing down the ice cream man.  It featured a fake ice cream truck and ice cream man.  Here's Chloe trying to make sense of it all.

Then a real ice cream truck showed up.  It was a confusing time for the neighborhood kids.

Chloe was in the last shot of the day, so we had to wait around for a long time.  Good thing there was PowerAde.  And then good thing there were nice neighbors who let little girls use their bathrooms.

Finally it was her turn to get ice cream from the ice cream truck . . . and then give it back . . .  overandoverandover again.  She can cope with torture.
The real ice cream man (whose truck they were using) gave all the kids whatever treats they wanted when they were wrapped.  The fake ice cream man said to Chloe, "This is how Meryl Streep got started.  Do you know who Meryl Streep is?  Maybe I should say someone younger, like Gwyneth Pallo."
Yes, wouldn't it be amazing if this led to her being the next Gwyneth Pallo?  Fingers crossed.

5 Wisecracks:

Linzi Lou, Samantha Boo, Madi Moo, and Chris too said...

Wow. That's really neat. Following in her moms footsteps as an amazing actress! She will use this bit of information on many a date in years to come when the play 2 lies and a truth!

Chelsea Dyreng said...

Very cool. A director would have to be a cold hearted snake to not cast such a cheery face. Good for Harrison for being so cool about it all.

Patti said...

What a fun day! Chloe's audition transcript is adorable. I hope I can see the finished commercials on YouTube.

Christine Blackburn said...

Fun! Autographs please. :)

Melanie said...

I am related to a TV star. Who knew? I once had a poem made into a song and put onto a CD. Does that count as famous, too? Geez...its okay Harrison. Not all of us can pull off messy hair like Chloe.