Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Did It!

He did it!  Last week Jeff ended his four year residency in radiology.  The past four years have been delightful.  I'm so grateful that Jeff chose radiology as his specialty.  His hours aren't horrible and he seems to be able to leave his work at work and really be present with us at home.  So even though sometimes people mistake his job for that of a radiology technician ("My cousin's a radiologist and she just had to do two years at community college.") or a radiation oncologist ("Wow.  You have to have a really big heart to be a radiologist--working with all those cancer patients."), it's a trade-off I'll take.
Not that Jeff hasn't worked hard.  He worked especially hard the past three months when he was studying tirelessly for the oral radiology boards.  He passed (duh) and we were able to celebrate this accomplishment at the annual end-of-year dinner.  Normally I fall asleep at that dinner, what with all the speeches and HILARIOUS radiology jokes, but this year it felt like a real party because it was a celebration of all the fourth year residents.
Jeff and his fellow fourth-year residents.  "You can always tell a Milford man."
Jeff is doing a year-long fellowship at the same hospital, but his employer changes.  Most of his classmates have already moved to other cities for their own fellowships.  It's strange that everything changes for him at work, but life is the same for us at home.  The kids and I made a banner for Jeff that says, "You did it!"  I've found it's kind of life-affirming to have around.  Every time I vacuum or exercise, I turn around and see it.  I think everyone ought to own a "You did it!" banner.

4 Wisecracks:

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

Now instead of people getting confused about what the word resident implies, they will really be thrown off when you say he's a fellow! What a great day.

Chelsea Dyreng said...

Way to go, Jeff. That is really awesome. Now just one year and you can move back to NC. Next door to us. :)

Wendy said...

Would you make me a "You Did it!" banner for the delivery room? and for the top of the stairs...because that's when I really need one.

Patti said...

Pops just passed by singing, "Radiology, he is doing it, his radiology." Adorable man. Wonderful son, with a wonderful woman at his side!