Monday, August 5, 2013

Backyard Blast

A couple of weeks ago we drove out to NC, left the kids with Jeff's parents, and flew to Salt Lake City for my little brother's wedding.  It was awesome.  Jeff and I haven't traveled alone since . . . ever.  We missed the kids a lot, but it was wonderful to have so many uninterrupted conversations with each other. 

The night before my brother's wedding, my sister Nicole held a superfuntimes picnic in her backyard.  She decided the evening needed a theme (state fair), and games (croquet tournament, Twister), and competitions for Jeff and Melissa to win (pie eating contest, name the state capitals race).  Nicole was so very right.  All her plans work.

Here's Nicole passing out sugar cookies she made in the shapes of the various states we are all from including: Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Missouri, Idaho, North Carolina, and Colorado.  California was thrown in, too.  What?  We just like it, okay?

Baby Bryce wants to eat North Carolina real bad.  I think this is the only picture I have of Matt and Brian.  You boys can stop reading now.
That's my mom.  She's from Idaho.

Aaron and Lori looked pretty ready to get married.  Also, too, her shirt is adorable.  I wonder where she got it.

The kids ate a steady diet of watermelon, popcorn, and homemade root beer.  What more do you need, really?

Colin demands a refill.

I love seeing all the cousins playing together. Here are Eliza, Lilja, Bryce, Emma, and Bridget insisting someone do something twice.
Bridget was the overall winner of the Twister tournament.  I can see why.

We held a croquet tournament in honor of my recently deceased Grandpa Curtis.  We played for the Grandpa Curtis Croquet Cup, so . . . stakes were pretty high.

Stole this picture from Nicole.  Clearly Jen and I are on the same team.

David was the eventual champion and winner of the cup.  I think that's why Kenzie looks so proud.

Ian liked the root beer.  This kid is the sweetest.  I heart him.  He's one of my five favorite two year olds.
Oh!  the comedy that was my mother trying to get all five of these kids to sit and smile at her!  I didn't get a single picture of them in focus.  Probably because I was laughing too hard.  L-R: Emil, Ian, Colin, Chance, and Ruby.

Once they got the two year olds off the trampoline, the bigger kids were free to go nuts and (in Noah's case) break a leg.

Here Claire is curling Ruby's hair with a plastic curling iron while Noah writhes in pain on that hay bale.  Good times.

I think maybe Emil was copying Noah.  Bridget doesn't seemed phased by it.  Brothers.

Love this kid.  I would let him eat popcorn and root beer every day.  Good thing I'm not his mommy.

We were pretty proud of our blue ribbons.  Nicole has written a more detailed account of the superfuntimes on her blog.  If you're looking for a good backyard family picnic party theme, you should check it out.  Thanks, Nicole, for giving us a place to gather and a reason to watch Jeff eat pie really fast.

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Nicole said...

I like to think everyone was a winner at such an awesome party, really it was just you and Jeff. Ha! I can't believe you got the 2yo kids in the same frame! That should have been one of the contests.