Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Apple Festival"

Last week the kids and I were driving around and I spotted a huge sign for an apple festival in the nearby town of Kirkwood.  I looked it up as soon as we got home and the city website promised me all kinds of apple related good times, including: apple pies, apple cider, apple samples, apple cooking demonstrations, apple interpretive dances (or something.  I forget.)  Anywho, it sounded BIG and EXCITING and FUN!  I spent the rest of the week talking up the apple festival to my kids.  This morning we headed to Kirkwood to go crazy with apple fun!

The "Apple Festival" (I'll be using air quotes from now on) was located at the farmer's market and at first glance, all we could see was the produce and such that's usually on display there every Saturday.  (Hey, Lady Selling Cakes That Don't Contain Sugar, Salt, or Butter, stop trying to make that happen.)
We eventually stumbled upon this table containing not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of apples to taste.  I liked the honey crisp.  Chloe liked the gala.  Those girls at the end of the table were from Smoothie King and they were giving out samples of apple cinnamon smoothies.  (So good!)  And THAT, my friends, was the "Apple Festival." 

We all loved the smoothies.  Except Miles.  He held his for about five minutes and then said he just wanted a free apple like the one Chloe had.  A man who seemed like an in charge sort of person yelled to the crowd that we could take as many of his apples as we wanted for free.  When we came back to get some for Miles, that man wasn't around.  I made Miles steal his own apple.  He's cute, and all, but I can't go back to jail.

We sat on the bench laughing about how lame the "Apple Festival" turned out to be.  I bought some fresh bread, tomatoes, and an apple pie and took them home for the best lunch, ever.  When I asked the woman at the cash register if they had any apple cider, she said, "No, it's too early for cider.  I can't believe they decided to have an apple festival this early.  That's kinda silly."
Agreed.  You know what else is kinda silly?  My boys.

Who's got two finger guns and loves apples?  THIS guy!

4 Wisecracks:

Brooke said...

Great Apple Festival! I'm sure you'll be going next year as well.

Jess said...

Oh man, nothing worse than a lame festival. Well, maybe waiting in line for a lame festival. At least you got some pie. Everything is better with pie. :-)

Patti said...

Well, you can cross that one off your St. Louis bucket list. Cute pictures though, for a less than inspiring apple festival. Way to make apple pie out of sour apples!

Nicole said...

I bet there is a real apple festival in a few weeks and there is no way your kids will agree to going to it. Ha! That first picture is the best. Reminds me of when Harrison told me the pillows at my house just aren't good enough.