Sunday, September 1, 2013

Good Morning, Sports Fans!

We love sports.  We're huge fans of the sports.  So last week we traveled all over the area showing love for various sports teams. 

Tuesday night Jeff and I headed to Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals play the Reds.  Every year Jeff's work group rents out a party suite at Busch Stadium, but we've never been able to go.  This year we put our Cards shirts on, left the kids at home (Thanks, Emily!), and spent the evening eating free BBQ and nachos while some guy named Pat refilled our drinks.  It was pretty awesome.

The Cardinals won and we went home full.  As nice as it was to be close to the field, I kind of missed the view from the cheap seats.  (We couldn't even see the celebration fireworks from our seats.  Come on!)

Hey, remember that time Chloe was in a commercial for the St. Louis Rams?  As a super nice thank you, the Rams sent her two free tickets to Thursday night's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

They let all of the kids from the commercials have two free (sweet!) seats, two pregame field tickets, and free food. 

I felt kind of bad that such a great opportunity was wasted on a little girl who could not possibly care less about football.  One of the things that makes Chloe so awesome is that she's always so gracious.  She knew what a privilege it was to be there and had the best time, ever.

Chloe was kind enough to bring her daddy along to his first NFL game.  It's pretty awesome having kids with connections.

That night I got an email from my sister-in-law, Lori, saying she would be playing in a volleyball tournament in Columbia, MO the next two days.  Road trip!
(This is not a good picture, but it's the only one I had in focus with my stupid camera.  Next time I'll bring my good camera, even if it's heavy.) 
The kids didn't have school on Friday, so we drove to Columbia so they could finally meet their Aunt Lori and watch her kick some butt with the rest of the Idaho State University Women's Volleyball team.  ISU beat Arkansas and Lori was all kinds of awesome.

(I'm using every muscle in my body to keep Miles in this picture.  Little stinker.)
We had a short dinner with Lori and her parents before heading back home.  On the way home, I introduced the kids to The Three Amigos.  Best trip, ever.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Harrison's soccer team played in a tournament.  They made it to the finals, but lost in the last game.
BTdubbs, it was 100 degrees every single day this week.  The heat was absolutely unbearable and watching those boys play so hard was brutal and inspiring all at once.

I think we decided that women's volleyball was our collective favorite game to watch this week, because it was in the air conditioned Hearnes Center.  Also because Lori is awesome.  Also air conditioning is awesome.

3 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

So much sports fan fun! That's a great picture of Harrison, made even more impressive by learning how hot it was. Brutal and inspiring indeed!

Tammy and Alvin said...

Go Cardinals! Glad you got to see them win.

Cegan Hansen said...

What a crazy fun week!