Monday, October 7, 2013

Butterfly House of Blues

Last week I found out that the preschool that everyone assured me Miles would get into from the waiting list was filled and the waiting list was super long and never, never, never would my son go to preschool.  It was quite a blow.  I know I can teach him what he needs to know to be prepared for kindergarten, but we were both so looking forward to preschool.  Now we are left to stare at each other all day.

I realized I'd spent the last month just winging it until he went to preschool.  As that is no longer an option, I'm going to have to step up my game.  No more video game/Taco Bell filled afternoons for us.  We're going to get out of the house and learn and grow and stuff, even if it kills me.  (Which it might, because I'm really out of shape after all those video game/Taco Bell filled afternoons.)

So on Tuesday I took my baby to the Butterfly House in Faust Park.  This bench gets my vote for most adorable/least comfortable bench, ever.

Miles liked looking at the pictures of all the butterflies and finding them in the garden.  Hey! Behind you!  It's a blue morpho!

So . . . that's gross.

So . . . that's gorgeous.

After seeing everything gross and gorgeous in the butterfly house and climbing on a giant centipede, he spent an hour on the playground with his New Best Friend. 
I know that taking a kid out of the house for the afternoon doesn't seem like a big deal, but I've never been great at field trips.  I am pretty good at schedules and plans.  Do any of you Fun Moms have a plan that might help me enjoy our preschool-less days a little more?  I could really use your wisdom.

4 Wisecracks:

Jess said...

Hey! You got a picture of Blue Morpho with it's wings open! Congrats!

And bummer about the preschool waiting list. I wish I had words of wisdom about preschool-less days, because that was Lissie and I last year, but I am also unadventureous. My day pretty much went: housework for an hour, outside/active time for an hour, lunch, lesson time, quiet time, TV, and get the other kids. Kind of boring, but it worked. :)

allyn said...

Why do you think you are not good at field trips? You are always taking your kids to amazing places and making their dreams come true. Maybe not everyday, but neither would a preschool teacher. Sorry he won't have pre school. You get to look at his beautiful face all day for another year.

Chelsea Dyreng said... could do some boy crafts: Make a volcano. Conduct science experiments. Make rockets. Blow things up. Sling shots. Targets. Things like that.

Lyric Montgomery Kinard said...

find three other moms and set up four "playmates" a week. Moms take turns watching all four at a time each day.
Actually, I think we did it with six and two moms watched - social time.
Saved my sanity back in the days I couldn't do preschool.