Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Thanks for the Weekend

My parents came to town for Thanksgiving last weekend.  It was the smallest group we've ever had for Thanksgiving, but all you need to celebrate that holiday is pie and family, right?  I made a lot of food while Mom and Chloe created a lovely tablescape and the boys watched football. Yay for gratitude!
After pie, Dad declared himself "Bing Meister" and Chloe won every game of Thanksgiving Bingo while Miles licked the candy coating off of all the M&M's.  Then we ate more pie.
The next morning we ate some more pie and then I went to the temple with Mom and Dad to do some work for our ancestors. 
That evening we ate some pie and then Jeff picked his mom up at the airport and we all met on Main Street in St. Charles.  The kids collected cards from all the characters roaming around and the adults tried to keep the kids from breaking $75 ornaments.
Yes, that Christmas tree is upside down.  Right side up Christmas trees are so 2012.

Can you stand all the happy faces?!  The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  The second best way is going to St. Charles. . . and then eating pie.

4 Wisecracks:

Jen said...

The last picture looks like something out of a magazine! So much Christmas Cheer :) I feel like Miles and Henry are a lot alike

allyn said...

Such a sweet time. And so much eating of pie. Thanks for taking pictures and posting. I took one picture over thanksgiving. Lame-o

Patti said...

Huzzah for pie, and St. Charles! So much fun!

Cegan Hansen said...

I love that every thought starts, "after pie..." You're my kind of lady! What wonderful holiday memories. : )