Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowed In. Freaking Out.

My kids were supposed to go back to school today.  That didn't happen.  Snowmagedden hit St. Louis on Sunday and no one's allowed to go back to their lives, yet.  I love my kids.  I love winter break.  But it's supposed to be over and I'm about to crack.  

At first it was nice.

This was after the first snowfall.  It was pretty, but way too cold.  Then the for reals snow hit.

The snow wasn't great for sledding or building, and it was still really cold.  Also, it was Sunday, so the kids weren't allowed to have any screens on.  I believe that's what is known as a perfect storm.

That's when things like stacking all of our movies on top of each other seems like superfuntimes.

Chloe and Miles started a playdough cookie factory and spent the day pretending to take orders over the phone.  Highly entertaining.

Harrison made up a game and wouldn't tell anyone the rules.  So fun.

This happened.

Then the feeling of being trapped really set in.

That was three days ago.

Pray for us.

5 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

at least no one has the pukes. and you are moving to Arizona so you can then complain of the 147 degrees in the summer. :)

Nicole said...

Stupid, STUPID snow. I'm surprised you didn't make up a play and then perform it. Oh yeah, the cracking thing.

Kenny G said...

I live as a parent vicariously through my friends and their children. This is fun for me and I hate snow. Looks like you have things under control. Such as they are, I send up prayers for your sanity.

Patti said...

Oh dear! Is it wrong that I'm laughing hysterically? Hysterical works, right?

Cegan Hansen said...

Thanks for the laughs... You're awesome Melissa. The sun will come out tomorrow... maybe. Good luck!