Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Animals Shmanimals

Miles requested that we visit the zoo last week.  I love that our zoo is free and that it's 10 minutes away.  I never feel like I have to stay all day to get my money's worth.  Which is good, because my kid doesn't actually care about animals.
This little boy has to watch Wild Kratts every day to see the Kratt brothers and their adventures with various animals.  Miles likes to tell me all kinds of facts about animals.  Rhinos and cheetahs are his favorite.   Sadly, the rhinos were on vacation, or something, when we went to the zoo.

Elephants are my favorite.  Especially baby elephants that are small enough to stand under their mamas for shade.  Come on!

Miles had no interest in the elephants.  He just wanted to take a ride on that sweet train.

We rode the train around the entire zoo and never got off of it.

He wanted to go home after that.  (You know, after seeing nothing.)  I convinced him to walk through the sea lion tunnel before we left.

Not interested.  Apparently his interests lie solely in animated animals.

Later in the week, I took Miles and our friends, Max and Nora, to Purina Farms to see the baby animals and the dog show.
Here's Max with a baby duckling and an old lady dressed as a bunny.  (Still my favorite career choice.)

He's invisible.

The three of them had fun playing in the corn boxes and getting lost in the tunnels.  (I mean. . . they never got lost!  I took great care of them, Mandi!)  Right about then is when Miles started begging to go home and didn't stop for the next hour.

To be fair, it was ridiculously crowded with field trip kids.  (See the Purina Farms cake?!)

Not even flying dogs could make Miles snap out of it.  They were working very hard to impress him.

Like, REALLY hard.

Still Miles complained and asked to leave.  On the way home, I asked him what his favorite part was.
"The rope," he said.

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

The rope is pretty awesome! My favorite is definitely the amazing dog tricks. And that baby elephant under its mama is adorable!

Claire said...

That looks like fun! Wish our zoo was close and free. The dogs looked great too! You and the kids always do fun things.