Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbyes are Sad. Parties are Fun.

Years ago when I was a youth leader at my church, I was telling one of the young women there that our Sunday lesson was on talents.  She groaned and said, "I hate lessons on talents because I don't have any talents.  And DON'T say that being a good friend is a talent, because it's not."  As I told little Michelle Peets that day, I've had enough talented friends in my life to know that isn't true.  Being a good friend is an incredible talent and not one that I possess.  The only reason I have friends is because I know people who are good at being friends.

Like my dear friend Cara.  Any time I casually mention to her something that I'm struggling with, she'll do what she can to fix it.  For example, I was telling her how sad I was that I wouldn't get to say goodbye to many of my friends from our former ward at church.  Cara called a few days later and asked if she could throw me a party at her house so I could say goodbye to some of my favorite people.

Today I spent the afternoon talking and laughing with some of the most wonderful women I've ever met.  Each of them have taught me so much about being a good friend and how to take care of those you love.

They have brightened my days (and my trips to Target) with their ability to laugh at what life throws at them.

They have taught me how to lead with love and how to listen to good counsel.

They have taught me how to support others and do what needs to be done without being asked.

They have shown me how to be thrifty and how to use my knowledge and resources to bless my family.

They have taught me how to serve diligently in callings and how to recognize when someone needs a helping hand and when someone just needs chocolate.

It's been a pleasure to get to know these women and to watch their children grow.  

It makes me sad to think that this is the last disapproving look Emmi will ever give Miles and that Heath won't remember the super cute picture he drew for Miles to warn him about scorpions in the desert.  We're going to miss all of our incredibly talented friends and are so grateful for the gifts they've shared with us over the past five years.

As Cara's Evite stated: Goodbyes are sad.  Parties are fun.

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Patti said...

*tiny sob* I don't think I can take much more of this. This is why we've never moved! *sniff*

Cegan Hansen said...

All of those smiles are a testament to the joy and happiness you have brought into the lives of so many. I've been so blessed from our paths crossing. You truly are going to be missed Melissa! Thank you for all the smiles!

Chelsea Dyreng said...
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Chelsea Dyreng said...

Okay, that mysterious comment above was me, I had to edit it out all the tears and sobbing from my post. What I was trying to say was:
This makes me sad and I don't even know any of these people! It makes me sad because I know what a great friend you are and I know first hand how much you will be missed by those lovely ladies when you go. :( What you said at the beginning is so true. I don't think there is a better talent than being a great friend. Except for maybe being a funny friend. And then there are people like you who are both. :)

Brad and Tiff said...

Surprise surprise, your post made me cry. I love you so much Melissa! I will miss your most joyful laugh. You taught me everything I need to be a good counselor, you are amazing, I am so very very grateful for the blessing I had of serving with you and being your friend! Isn't it fitting your last candid of me really was amazing!?! :) Perfect ending to your time in St. Louis, you can leave satisfied now knowing you don't need to do anything else. :) Love you!

Emily said...

Can I just say that I'm going to look at Mandi's pregnant pose when I'm sad from here on out? (And today I'm sad. Eliza has thrown up EIGHT times.) But looking at Mandi's Garthy face makes me smile.