Friday, June 13, 2014

People Are Nice

On May 28th, United Van Lines packed up all of our belongings onto a truck and drove away with them.  We were informed yesterday that the truck will be arriving at our new home on Monday, June 16th.  I'll do the math for you.  That's 20 days without our stuff.  (This isn't typical for them.  They messed up and we're being compensated.)  On June 4th, Jeff got on a plane and headed back to St. Louis to finish up his fellowship.  That's nine days without my husband.  In an empty house.  With my bored children.  
[He's not really sweaty.  He put water in his hair.  Arizona is a magical land where no one sweats.]

Our days consist of bursts of excitement . . .[Sock skating on the tile!]

. . . followed by hours of boredom.

The only reason we've survived is because people are nice.  The first few days here, we didn't have a refrigerator.  Members of our congregation at church were kind enough to invite us over for dinner and bring us meals.  They don't know us.  They're just nice.

Once we got a refrigerator, things started to look up because then we could eat lots and lots of ice cream.  Eventually, even that got boring.  Some of our new church friends stopped by with games and toys and movies and bean bags and blow up beds.  People are nice.

That kept everyone busy for quite some time, but the kids started getting tired of each other's faces after a while.

Some of our new friends invited us over to swim in their pool and play with their kids.  People are nice.  (I didn't take a picture of that.  I've noticed that people find it off-putting when you photograph them in bathing suits on the day you meet.)

Just when I thought I'd reached the end of my rope, my Mom tossed me a line.  She sent a package with activities for the kids.  Miles spent an entire day coloring his pirate paper dolls.  He and Chloe created backstories for the whole pirate army.  It was awesome.  Moms are nice.

We've taken several outings to different areas around town where we can eat amazing food and admire the Arizona greenery, but when it's 110 degrees every afternoon, being outside isn't always an option.

The kids developed a new love for puzzles.

That lasted at least an hour.  It was great.

Gilbert is really lovely.  Every time I drive down our palm tree-lined streets, I think, "We live here!"  The sunsets are really beautiful.

Some people don't care about sunsets.

We found the library and the kids spent a couple of days reading and drinking juice.  (Did I mention the orange tree in our backyard?)

Then we found out our truck was going to be even later than the late date they had given us.  I thought I might fall apart.  That's the day a package arrived from my sister, Nicole, filled with bread and homemade jam and whimsical ice cube trays.  Sisters are nice.

So despite our boredom and the fact that there's a tent in my living room, we're doing okay.  We've learned what we can do without (A dryer in the desert.) and what we can't (The Internet.).  It's not always superfuntimes relying on the kindness of strangers, but we're very grateful for their kindness.  Our kids have already met some nice friends and Jeff is flying home for the weekend.  We're saved!

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Jess said...

That is a really long time to be without your stuff, especially when it's 110 degrees outside. I love that you have such great support to get you through. Hope your stuff gets there soon!

Nicole said...

You may be bored, but the pictures are awesome. :) I love it that people are taking care of you.

Patti said...

Me too! We've been on the receiving end of kind people and loving family members. It warms my heart that you are also the recipient of kind and thoughtful actions.

Michelle Ishihara said...

You will look back on these days and realize the sweet time together, no distractions...A story your children will recount time after time. "Remember when our moving truck was a whole month late coming to our new house?" And they will recount all of these amazing lovely stories, some you did not even realize were happening...Those stories will bring you great joy when you hear the delight in their voices retelling them to their children. "And your grandma let us eat ice cream 3 times a day and sock skate all over the house on the tile floors..." It will be wonderful. Not now... but it will be, promise...

allyn said...

Boredom lasts eternity. Good thing you have an orange tree to bring you some joy. So glad your stuff is on the way. So glad I get to see you in a few weeks!!!

kenzie said...

Never!! You'll have stuff soon. I'm so glad you have moved to a place where your ward is family. Can't wait to see those Arizona sunsets!