Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Norfolk Folk

The kids and I took a scary drive up to Norfolk in the dark during a lightning storm as my phone/GPS quickly ran out of juice.  It was totally worth it to see my sister Allyn's family and meet my newest nephew, Denham.

Denham is lucky number seven in the Boney family and boy number five.  Unfortunately, the girls were away at camp that week, so Chloe was left in a house full of boys.  She spent most of her time chilling with the baby.

Miles found a partner in crime.

And Harrison found the video games.

I had forgotten that the Boneys have the piano that I grew up playing.  Memories . . .

Denham is so lucky to have a house full of people who love him so much.

I almost packed Chance up in my luggage.  Doesn't get much cuter than three year old boys.

Eventually they got tired of video games and good times were had outdoors.  P.S. This is one of my most favorite pictures in the history of ever.

We packed all the kids into the 12-seater van and told them we were going on an adventure.  First stop: Uncle Aron's billboard.  I couldn't get both the kids and Aron in focus, but you get the idea.

Then Allyn took us hiking in a swamp. 

[Miles, Chloe, Banks, Noah, Adam, and Chance.]
Pay no attention to Chance.  Everything's fine.

 I think there was some sort of strain of mutant mosquitoes living there, because we're still nursing those wounds.  Chloe and I love nature.  It's the best.

After dinner, Allyn took us to Doumars for ice cream.

The Doumar guy invented the waffle cone, which made its debut at the World's Fair in St. Louis.  We've come full circle.

Aron was kind enough to set up a movie and make popcorn all night while Allyn and I picked up my brother Rob's family.

My little brother is expecting his second baby in a few months.  He got some good practice in.

Cousin pancake breakfast.  So adorable.  (You may have noticed that this is day three of Miles wearing his "new jersey".)

We told Chance that Ian was his cousin and that was enough for him.  They were best buds from that moment on.  Oh, three year old boys!  You kill me!



Thanks for letting us party with you, Boneys!

3 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

Thank you for braving the weather! It felt so wonderful to have you here. It looks like miles thoroughly enjoyed it :). Chance ended up with about 16 CRAZY bug bites on the back of his shoulders. WHAT WERE THOSE? I still have scabs from what got me. Sorry about that, but those were some cool trees, right?.

Claire said...

Ian loved looking at these, especially the ones of Chance. At first he wondered who that little boy was next to him with the pancakes. Haha!

Patti said...

Nothing better than spending time with cousins! And having your face plastered on a billboard. How cool is that?!