Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Day, New School

Yesterday was a day I have been imagining since Harrison was little.  It was the day all three of my children went to school and I was left with an empty house and an excess of free time.  For years I've wondered what I would do once I was free to do whatever I wanted for six hours a day.  It turns out the answer is "Cry and eat cake."

Harrison started sixth grade and was super nervous about being the new kid.  He said the kids at school were so nice to him and treated him like he had been there all along.  He told me he couldn't have imagined that his first day would go so well.  I may have cried a little (and eaten some cake).

Chloe was pleased to find out that she wasn't the only new kid in her class AND that two of her friends from church were in her same class.  Bonus!  She couldn't wait to go back today.

I cannot even handle the kindergarten cuteness.  Miles was so excited and so ready to start school.  He couldn't wait to go to school all day like the big kids and eat lunch in the cafeteria.  He was a little worried about me, though.  ("We'll all be at school and you'll be home alone in anguish."  He totally called it!)

He also couldn't wait for me to leave.  I'm glad my kids don't like me that much.  I saw a lot of parents with crying kids attached to their legs.  It was really hard to leave the room, but Jeff was there to assure me that I wasn't allowed to stay.  My friend was volunteering in Miles' class that day, so she sent me texts and pictures throughout the day.  Nice to have someone on the inside.

Jeff and I went to the DMV and spent the morning waiting in line with the cast of "American Horror Story: Coven".  We are now official Arizonians because we have drivers licences and this cool licence plate that I blurred out.  When I told Jeff to pose for this picture he said, "You make everything weird."  So sweet!

Everyone had a great first day and, thanks to my husband, I didn't completely fall apart.  [Miles wore that raccoon hat again to school today.  "What if everyone else is wearing theirs and I'm not?"]

We took them out for a treat and they each chose to get a "cupshake".  (It's a cupcake blended with ice cream.  Ew.)  Here's Chloe assuring Miles that cupshakes are delicious.  

Here I am eating Miles because he's delicious.

So now it's now and Jeff is back at work.  My house has never been so quiet and I'm still not 100% sure what to do with my time, but I'm happy to know that these three are going to have a great year.

4 Wisecracks:

Betty Crenshaw said...

Those hours go by amazingly fast! said...

I felt the same way for the first two weeks, when my baby went to school. It passes! Time flys by and eventually you will be wondering how you ever thought "what do I do now?"

Patti said...

I'm so happy they had such a great experience at school. I'm a big "ew" on the cupshake thing. I like my cake and ice cream separately please. I was standing in the foyer of the stake center after a meeting Thursday afternoon when I read your description of who you were waiting in line with at the DMV. I laughed out loud and startled the poor missionary down the hall waiting for his president's interview. We had just watched the 4th Floor episode of Parks and Recreation so I had quite a picture in my head.

Katy said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! I still cry a little when my kids leave and I'm still not sure if it's because I'll miss them or if the morning was just so stressful and now it's over. I had Bryce in the stroller dropping kids off at the school today and one of the teachers said to him, "Soon it will be YOU leaving and Mommy will be in tears!" I cried just anticipating this event that won't even happen for about 4 more years! Oh the loneliness! I'm pretty sure that's when I decided to try to run a marathon.