Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"My name is HOWARD."

Jeff's sister, Amy, and her husband, Jeff, live in Pocatello.  While my parents were off not being retired, we had so much fun playing with the Howards.
We went to their apartment complex and Miles said, "Woah!  This house is WAY too big!"

The Howards took us to Ross Park, where I used to play when I was a little girl living in Pocatello.  

Are you seeing this?  What is Uncle Jeff doing to my sweet, sweet children?

Sometimes I just need to add proof that I was there, too.

Also sometimes I need to make weird faces.

Amy and Jeff gave us a tour of ISU, where they both teach.  Go, Bengals!

Amy also stopped at the hospital where I was born so that I could get a picture of it before they turn it into a parking lot or a mini mall or something really depressing (like a Baby Gap).

Thank you SO MUCH for showing us around town and for being sickeningly adorable.  We loved playing with you!

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Patti said...

And they had so much fun with you guys!