Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Play Time in Pocatello

Last week the kids were on Fall Break so we decided to head up to Pocatello, Idaho for some Fall.  We arrived at my parents' house on Sunday night and my mom had a turkey dinner waiting for us.  That's love, my friends.

 I don't usually do anything fancy for our dinners, so the kids were pretty impressed with Mom's tablescape.

Now that my parents are older and my dad is retired, I figured they would have all kinds of time to party.  I don't think my parents understand how retirement works.  My mom taught piano students all day Monday and Tuesday and Dad was busy all day at his new job as vice principal of this new charter school.
He was kind enough to take us out to lunch with my Grandma Shirley.  We went to Burger King where we were told we could have anything but burgers because the broiler was broken.

Dad also took the time to play catch with Harrison ('Cause the cats in the cradle, ya'll).  It was Harrison's favorite part of the trip.  No lie.

Thanks, Dad.  I know you were exhausted, but it sure meant a lot to Harrison that you took the time to play with him.

Chloe was pretty bored when Grandma wasn't around.  We did have a good time doing photo shoots with Grandma's dolls.

At no one's request, my mom made all of these doll clothes and the super cute sleeping bags.  I think maybe she misses dressing up her daughters.  

In her spare time, my mom taught Chloe how to use a sewing machine.  They spent the week making adorable trick-or-treat bags.  Miles took his to school for show-and-tell yesterday and proudly told them that his sister made him a bag.  Thanks, Mom!

In addition to his new job, my dad is the announcer for the Idaho State Women's Volleyball games.  My little boys are constantly pretending they're announcers when they play basketball in the driveway.  I imagine this is something my dad has wanted to do for a very long time.  It was delightful to hear him having so much fun.

I don't always love having my kids help me in the kitchen, so I was really impressed with all the treats my mom let the kids help her make.  So brave.

Someone was SO EXCITED to make these owl cupcakes that they insisted I take lots of pictures.  (It was Mom.)  And who can blame her?  They're hilarious.

Thank you so much for letting us invade your busy lives for an entire week, Mom and Dad!  We had such a wonderful time!  I hope you get a chance to relax soon, because I find your retirement completely exhausting.

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Patti said...

Such good people, those parents of yours! The doll clothes and accessories are adorable, and the owl cupcakes are fabulous. Who thinks up this stuff?!

Jen said...