Wednesday, December 3, 2014

See Ya Later, Soccer!

When my kids ride their bikes to school and I pass them in my car, I like to roll down the window and yell, "See ya later, sucker!"  They will enjoy the title of this post.  I'm hilarious.

Harrison's soccer season ended a couple of weeks ago.  It was hard for him to switch to a new team after playing with his St. Michael's team for so long, but he played hard and made some new friends.  Hooray for sports!

His team was called Code Red, which makes them sound pretty fierce.  How cool is that Star Wars building in the background?

Can you tell that there's an orange team and a red team?  It's like they didn't even consider the composition of my photos when they chose these uniforms.

Notice all the umbrellas and gazebos in the background?  We thought people were a little ridiculous to bring all that equipment to each game, but we soon wised up.  Those games were hot!

Here he is taunting the other team.  Just kidding.  (I hope.)

Harrison was one of five players who wanted to play goalie.  He worked really hard in practice and eventually landed the starting goalie spot. We were really proud of him.  Every time he made a save, I'd yell, "Nice save, goalie!" just so Miles would remind me that the goalie was Harrison.  ("Mom!  It's Harrison!  Say, 'Nice Save, Harrison!'")

After his last game, Harrison said he wanted to be done with soccer forever.  It wasn't a shock, but I was still a little sad.  Then I remembered how hot those games are and I was not sad.

We're still working on winking.

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Patti said...

A great run! You will definitely not miss the hot games.