Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Present

Is there anything more delightful than Christmas morning?  Happy, happy times!

Santa brought us an Xbox.  Hooray for new bargaining chips!

An Easy Bake Oven: one of the many ways I will live vicariously through my daughter.  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Now he can be a superfan!

Miles standing next to my snow globe collection with a two-sided sword.  What could go wrong?

Jeff was super excited about the collection of hot sauce Chloe gave him.  Miles was super excited about EVERYTHING.  He gave lots of hugs and said lots of "thank yous".  It made the morning even sweeter.

He also made 10 year old Melissa's dreams come true by giving me a collection of candy flavored lip balm.  Memo to me: Never wear this color of red ever again.

The night before Christmas he said he couldn't wait . . . to see me open my present from him.  He's so sweet I could eat him on a waffle!

The only time Miles wasn't sweet was when he saw that I had given him a book with no pictures.  After reading it, he immediately came around.  It's a new family favorite.

The kids spent the day in their pajamas playing on the Xbox, eating stocking candy, and spraying silly string all over the yard.  The silly string was Santa's worst idea, ever, but everything else was great.

We all tried out Jeff's hammock from his parents.  It's our new happy place. (Except when the weather turns ridiculously cold like today.  What's that about?  I didn't move to Arizona for this crap.)

I love that my kids are young enough to play with toys, but old enough to sleep in.

What a delight it is to make happy memories for our children every year.  Thanks to our family for adding to the fun!  We miss you!

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

What a happy Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Love it. LOVE IT. Everyone looks perfectly happy. You did it! (Can I get a better look at those stockings in a few weeks? ;))