Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley

I love that all of my children are in school, but I really miss having someone to take on adventures during the day.  There are so many things that I enjoy doing with my kids that aren't the same on my own.  If I take my kids to the zoo or to a museum or to an ice cream tasting, I'm a Fun Mom.  If I do those things alone, I'm a bit pathetic.  So I was really happy when the kids said they were up for an adventure yesterday on Martin Luther King Day.  We decided to explore Scottsdale.  Our mission was two-fold: Find the Love sculpture by Robert Indiana and take a trolley tour of the city.

We parked in Old Town Scottsdale, which is where you go if you're looking for cowboy boots or turquoise jewelry or ponchos.  

Chloe decided she wanted to take pictures, too, which was fun because then I ended up in some of them.  

[Photo by Chloe.]
What's a girl gotta do to get some old stuff around here?

Here's a lovely old adobe church with a pricey eatery attached.

If you're looking for a city with horse sculptures on every corner, then Scottsdale is the place for you.

There are also sculptures a-plenty of grizzled pioneers and Native Americans.

See how much they love each other?

Chloe and Miles were super jealous of Harrison's climbing skills.  Not so much his falling skills.

This was near one of the many gelato shops in the area.  Scottsdale seems to be an odd mix of old and kitschy and new and swanky.

Just so many horse sculptures.

We found a trolley stop and waited in these wagon wheel benches.  I think I need one for my corral at home.

The kids hopped aboard the trolley while that man kept a look out.  The free trolley tour of the city lasted about a half hour.  Miles turned to me and said, "This is so fun!  Isn't this so fun?!"  Man, that would have been lame without my kids!  I told them to keep their eyes peeled for an ice cream shop.

We found the Sugar Bowl and were seated with our drinks before I realized I had left my wallet in the car.  Blerg.  Things were going so well!  The truth is my plans never work, so a gliche was inevitable.  Long story short: the experience was tense, but the ice cream was good.

Miles kept asking why everything had to be so pink.

[Photo by Chloe.]
It turns out there was a self-guided walking tour, too.  That might not be too sad to do alone.

[Photo by Chloe.]
They also have horse drawn carriage rides.  Chloe liked the pink sparkly nail polish on the horse.  I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

[Photo by Chloe.]
I loved that there were so many places to stop and take a picture.  We're sitting in a bell, in case you were wondering.

[Photo by Chloe.] 
Blessings to All.

We love you, Scottsdale!

5 Wisecracks:

Jen said...

Looking Good, Chica!

allyn said...

You ARE looking good. You sid all that before you noticed the missing wallet? Scottsdale seems like a nice free thing to see. Maybe next week I can go on an adventure with you that you would feel lame going on alone!

bjtstl said...

I just now learned more about Scottsdale in this one posting, than I have from my daughter, who lives there! Guess I need to come and visit…..

Amy Maxwell said...

I agree. You look especially smokin' in photo number three :) I also like that the photo after you talk about Harrison's falling skills is Harrison-less. Poor Harrison. We had to leave him behind... He didn't fall from the top, right? I's expect a story about an emergency room trip if that were the case.

Patti said...

Who knew the LOVE statue was in Scottsdale?! What a fun city!