Monday, March 30, 2015

Pacific Morning

I wanted to show the kids the Pacific Ocean before we headed home the next day, but didn't know which beach to choose.  My friend Liz texted me and said, "You're in San Diego.  You have to go to Oscar's Mexican Seafood on Pacific Beach and order one of everything."  Liz is the boss of me.

I didn't bring swim suits or towels, so I told the kids they couldn't get too wet and dirty.  I'm a dum dum.

The water was freezing!

This is my face when the water is freezing.

Gotta write your name in the sand, of course.

Harrison whistling.  Always.

Miles said his favorite part of our trip was the beach.  The tacos at Oscar's were pretty great, too.

It made my heart happy to know that I can still surprise my kids and introduce them to new things. 

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

I know about the Pacific Ocean (cold). Now I need to try something (anything) from Oscar's Mexican Seafood. Sounds delish!

allyn said...

Missing SD. Good times there. And beautiful sunsets.