Monday, April 6, 2015

Grandma Tour 2015

Jeff's mom, Patti, came for her annual Grandma Tour during the kids' spring break.  We were so excited to show her around our new town!
On Friday, I suggested we climb a mountain.  Patti was totally up for it.  The children were reticent.

Getting to the top was no problem.  The view was great!

This mountain is called "A" Mountain because it's on the ASU campus in Tempe and, therefore, has a giant yellow "A" on it.  

My kids love hiking.

The best part about "A" Mountain is that it's right next to Fuzzy's Taco Shop.  We successfully undid all of our hard work in one meal.

After tacos, we went to see the new Cinderella movie.  ALL of us LOVED it!

The next day was Pi Day and the final game of the ACC tournament.  TWO reasons to invite some of our friends from Cary, NC over to party.

[Brian, Patti, and Zach]
These boys used to come over for lunch at Jeff's parents house every day when they were in high school.  Often we would find food in Patti's kitchen that she had bought specifically for those kids.  Now they're married with beautiful families of their own.

The next day was Sunday, so we took Patti on a temple tour in the valley.  We had a great time at the visitor's center by the Mesa Temple.

The grounds were pretty spectacular that day.

The grounds at the Gilbert Temple are closed on Sundays, but she got the idea.  It's beautiful.

This is my favorite.  Patti is such a lovely person to have around.  We really look forward to her visits.  We're already counting down the days until the next Grandma Tour!

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

So much fun! I love spending time with your family! (And your pictures make me look great! Thanks!)

Nicole said...

I'm totally taking notes on Patti's Grandmothering. She is doing it RIGHT.

Also, you are AWESOME (thanks for remembering) for taking your kids to San Diego to visit the pandas and the Pacific Ocean.