Thursday, June 4, 2015

Miles' Water Party 1.0

Miles decided he wanted to have a swimming party for his birthday, which worked out well because we now have a pool.

Step 1 to having a fun party is to invite the coolest little girl on the planet.  This is Lily.  She used to live right next to us and she and Miles were in the same kindergarten class.  They've been best buds all year.

The day of Miles' party it was a little too cold to swim, so we started with just water guns.

It was war.

Miles is a big rules guy, so he had to take a breather after things escalated and Harrison went rogue.

Miles doesn't care for mavericks.

Lily kept the fun going.

We let the kids warm up in the hot tub.  I don't think the boys "get" hot tubs.

Eventually they got brave enough to jump in the chilly pool.

It was awesome.

Miles loved his presents and spending the afternoon with his bestie.  

We sure love this kid.

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Patti said...

And the fun continues! Miles' best birthday ever!