Thursday, June 4, 2015

Miles' Water Party 2.0

Miles' 6th birthday happened to fall on the same day as Kindergarten Water Day!  What luck!  He got to spend the day in his swimsuit with all his friends.  

I love his teacher, Mrs. Frederick, so much!  She's been doing this for years and you can see how great she is at hypnotizing the children.  The kids were divided into groups and each group would spend a few minutes at each water station.

Miles' group's first station was watercolors.  I worked at that station and every other kid painted a rainbow.  

The next station was everyone's favorite: the water slide!

Then off to the sandbox where they went digging for gold.

Next they cooled off with some snow cones.  Miles got his favorite flavor: tiger's blood.

The kids drew with sidewalk chalk while they ate snow cones and sprayed Fun Dad with water bottles.

Next stop: BUBBLES!

After that, the kids shot each other with water guns and sat in kiddie pools to cool off.  Miles is such a ladies' man.

Once everyone was done with the water stations, they sat out on their towels and ate a snack.  I loved seeing Miles interact with his friends.  

That night we celebrated Miles' birthday as a family.  The only thing he asked for was "a bracelet that makes you invisible."  He 100% believed this was a thing.  So Jeff suggested we buy him an armband and tell him we couldn't see him.  He wore his headband and two armbands for 48 hours straight.

Miles has had a pretty great year.  He started school, learned to read, started playing the piano, met his future bride, learned to be invisible, etc.  He makes us laugh every day and his enthusiasm for EVERYTHING is contagious.  We're so grateful he's a part of our family.

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

What an awesome day, especially the being invisible part! (So clever!)

Nicole said...

I'm stealing so many ideas from this post. Except maybe bringing sweat bands back. Miles is pulling it off, though. 🐠