Saturday, June 6, 2015

No More Teacher's Dirty Looks!

Last day of school, suckers!  

This year the kids had to start at a new school, but I took comfort in the fact that they would all be together.  That's the first and last time that will happen. 

Harrison finished elementary school and was promoted to junior high.  He couldn't be more excited.

Or more handsome.  Come on!

Miles and Chloe are sad they don't get to return to Patterson next year.  I feel so guilty!

Miles will never forget Mrs. Frederick and all the things she taught him in kindergarten.  This woman is everything you could ever want in a kindergarten teacher and I'm so glad Miles got to spend the day with her.

Chloe was lucky to have a teacher who really "got" her this year.  Making new friends and learning how to navigate your way around a new school can be scary for a little girl.  I'm grateful Mrs. Blakely was there to keep Chloe focused.

[Harrison declined to be photographed with his teachers, but they were great, too.]

These cutie pies are all mine for the summer!  Jealous much?

3 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

There are few things that made me happier than my kids having a great teacher. Hope the tradition continues with your kids!

Nicole said...

I showed Bridget this post and she said, "I thought Chloe had short hair." One of the many clues that we need to get together.

Katy said...

Such cute kids! do they really have to start at another new school next year? Hard times, for sure! But hopefully it will make them closer as siblings.