Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Duke Basketball Camp

As a birthday present for Harrison, we sent him to Duke Basketball camp.  Since I wasn't there, I'll let Harrison tell you all about it:

Dad and I flew all the way from Gilbert to the Raleigh Durham area. It was a four hour long flight, but it was better than regular flights, which usually stink (not literally). We were in seat rows of three. I ended up in the middle seat, with dad on my right and this other guy on my left. The other guy was watching the R-rated movie American Sniper and ordering about five cups full of whiskey mixed with Coke. That was the only part of the flight that stunk. We landed in Raleigh Durham and Grandpa Maxwell picked us up in a nice clean Subaru. We drove to Great-Grandma Carol's to bring her to the Maxwells' dwelling in Cary. We had burgers and Doritos for dinner. Afterwards, we went to the life-changing Goodberry's Frozen Custard Dad said I could eat whatever I wanted that night because of all the calories I was going to burn. 

We left for Duke at 11:30 and got checked in at Cameron Indoor Stadium. On one side Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was signing autographs for people but we had gotten there too late and the line was closed off.  

I got a free duke t-shirt when we got there and Dad taught me the art of taking off a shirt while wearing one on top of it. The way the camp was organized, there were different leagues divided by grade level. I was in the college west division. Within each league, each camper was put on a team. I was on New Mexico (really?). It was thoroughly disappointing at first, but then I noticed that I could have been on Santa Clara- not really a well-known basketball university- and was fine. 

Throughout the week, the teams would play in shirts vs skins format. We ate lunch and breakfast at a pavilion, but after a while, I stopped eating there and started going somewhere else with dad. I got a really cool Duke hat. 

Our team had 6 kids from Tucson, Arizona, 3 kids from somewhere in Tennessee, and 1 kid from Cincinnati, and he was the best out of all of us. The problem was the three Tennessee kids would only pass to each other. They were convinced I should play with them (There were basically two teams of five that switch quarterly). It wasn't working out so I switched to the other team, with the Cincinnati kid who, it turns out, does not pass either. 

We took an amazing team picture with Coach Krzyzewski in front of all five national championship trophies. I got to shake his hand. In the end we won six games and only lost one, I was sad to say goodbye to (some of ) my teammates and was sad I couldn't do what I did that week every week, but all in all it was an incredible experience.

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Wendy Holt said...

Ha!! There was no mix up at the hospital because that kid is hilarious like his mom!

Patti said...

So awesome! I'm going to need to ask Jeff about that T shirt thing. Sounds like an important life skill.