Monday, August 17, 2015

New School, So Cool

Our kids went back to school August 5th, which I know is crazy talk, but I'm not sure we would have lasted another week at home.  

Harrison started junior high, which is also crazy talk.  He hopped on his bike and rode away like it wasn't a HUGE deal.  He absolutely loves his new school and is happy that so many of his friends from his old school are there, too.  Now they can all experience the joys of adolescence together.  Yay!

Chloe was not excited about starting at a new school again this year.  (We're totally scarring them for life.)  When Jeff and I dropped the kids off at school, a girl from church said, "Chloe!  Over here!" and then we stopped panicking.  I'm so glad there are nice children in the world.  Chloe is adjusting well and didn't cry at all when I woke her up this morning and told her it was time for another week of school.

This kid.  Miles loves everything and everyone and so it's no surprise that school is the greatest and he has a new buddy every day.  His favorite part of his new school is that he gets to ride the bus.  I went to pick them up at the bus stop after school and Miles informed me that they knew the way home and said, "We don't need you, anymore, Mommy."  I ate a lot of carbs that day.

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

Zowie! I'd be eating carbs too. Glad the school year is off to such a great start.

Nicole said...

Who will get the math cookies? Miles hasn't thought this through. I'm so happy for Chloe!