Thursday, November 19, 2015

Halloween 2015

We enjoyed some delightful Halloween festivities this year.  I got to chaperon Miles' field trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was a wild time.  Also, the kids in his class have super weird names.  What's that about?

After all kinds of rides and mazes, it started to rain.  All the kids grabbed a pumpkin and ran for the buses.  Then it started to hail.  It was a huge mess.  Miles declared it the best field trip, ever.

On Halloween day, Chloe and I watched "The Wizard of Oz" and carved pumpkins together.  It was surprisingly soothing.

Here Miles is showing me the jack-o-lantern face he drew so I can get it just right.

It's always interesting to see how different neighborhoods celebrate Halloween.  It was pretty big time in our new neighborhood.  Everyone was out in their driveway with their bonfires and cauldrons full of homemade root beer.  It was awesome.  The only non awesome part about Halloween in our new area is that the kids don't get to wear their costumes to school.  Super lame.  Harrison is now in middle school and officially done with trick-or-treating.  That's fine, I guess.

It's all about the lollipops with this one.

Obviously he's Iron Man.  Well, obviously to me.  He insisted that it was actually "Ire Man" and that the rest of the people on the planet are pronouncing it wrong.


"It's Glinda.  The "guh" is silent."

I pretty much loved every single picture of her in this costume.  And she was so good about all the sweaty people who ran by and said she was beautiful.

My Mom called after seeing a picture of Chloe in her costume and said, "You're not actually going to let her trick-or-treat in that, are you?"  I wondered why not.  She said it was too nice.  Thank you, Amazon!  $20 bucks well spent.

Chloe definitely improves it.

My favorite.  Except the others which are also my favorite.

Only bad witches are ugly.

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

I have already gushed over the Glinda and Ire Man pictures on other media, but was delighted to see even more on your post. By my post fav is the one of you and Miles at the most awesome field trip ever! What a happy picture! When I went trick-or-treating in Gary and Lisa's neighborhood, there were people out on their driveways in chairs, serving up hot chocolate and hot cider. Probably Gilbert transplants!

Nicole said...

I love pictures of kids in their costumes.It's all so real to them! Chloe is definitely the best Glinda I've ever seen. Miles's Ire Man poses are perfect. :)