Friday, January 15, 2016

Thankful for Carbs and Parents

My parents came for Thanksgiving!  My Dad was saying that a few days before they left to come down to Arizona, he had it in his head that they were visiting us in our tiny frigid house in St. Louis.  What a relief it was when he realized they were staying in our guest room in sunny AZ.

Jeff had to work all day, which gave us plenty of time to make dinner.  I had the Boy Scouts from our last area cook our turkey in a pit, just like last year.  Best idea, ever.

Dad kept the kids busy with Thanksgiving Bingo, until they ran out of peanut butter M&M's.  Never leave a bag of those open near my kids.  Let that be a lesson to us all.

Mom taught Chloe how to make rolls shaped like turkeys, so now she has that life skill.  The table was beautiful and the food delicious.  

After dinner, we sang around the piano and ate lots of pie.  Party animals.

My mom really wanted to go to the American Girl store on Black Friday.  I'm hoping that's not the first sign of senility.  We went to the temple instead for White Friday.  Honestly, it was probably just as busy as the American Girl store.  We waited a long time, but it was nice to be together in the temple.

That night we took them to Organ Stop Pizza, so they would have a fun story to tell their friends back in Idaho.  From the looks of it, Miles had the best time.

We're so grateful that Mom and Dad could join us for Thanksgiving.  Holidays without family are kind of sad.  Also, we needed help eating pie.

2 Wisecracks:

Kimberly said...

Wait, WHAT? TURKEY ROLLS? Please tell me how to make those. Because that would be the crowning achievement for my culinary skillz.

Patti said...

Holy cow! Your mom and dad just leap frogged over the pedestal I have them on with that first shot. LOVE IT! What a fun Thanksgiving!