Friday, January 15, 2016


Harrison and Miles both played flag football this past fall.  It made for long, hot Saturdays, but we sure enjoyed watching them play.  Every week Freestone Park was filled with boys of all ages playing football and sisters who literally can't even sitting under umbrellas.  'Murica!

Here's Harrison offering Miles some encouragement before Miles' first game.  It was brotherly and adorable and I'm glad I was there to capture it.

Miles loved playing for the Colts and  three of his friends were on his team.  He was always so enthusiastic about getting out and playing.  We could never tell if he was excited or if he had to go to the bathroom.  (Sometimes it was both.)

This was Harrison's second season with the Cowboys and he loved getting to play with his old friends again.  We loved catching up with everyone each week.  At one game, things got tense and his coach was thrown out of the game and suspended for the rest of the season.  Coach continued to lead the team from across the field by talking to one of the moms over her Bluetooth.  This same thing happened on "Modern Family" last season.  So basically our life is a sitcom.

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Patti said...

It's pretty serious stuff! Great pics of the guys being awesome and adorable.