Saturday, May 3, 2008

Poetry Night

A few years ago, my friend Chelsea invited me to her home to read poetry. I laughed at her and declined the offer. The next month, a group met at someone else's house to read poetry. I laughed at them and didn't go. The next month, the same group met at someone else's house. That was the month I discovered that cookies were involved. I went for the cookies, but didn't read any poetry. After a few months of attending Poetry Night I grew to enjoy it not just for the cookies. I never really "got" poetry when I studied it in school. It was pleasant enough, but so not for me. Through Poetry Night I gained an appreciation for poetry and some very special friends. Eventually, Poetry Night fizzled out but my love for poetry and cookies remains in my heart forever.

From top left to right: Nancy, Heather, Chelsea, Allie, Melissa, and Jen.

Last night (after a two year absence) my friend Jen brought back Poetry Night one last time in my honor. It was held in her beautiful new backyard, complete with a lit stage.
(Below): Allie reads a poem about the Great Salt Lake. Jen declares it the worst poem she's ever heard. Then Jen dedicates a poem to me entitled "I Need More Doilies."

The audience enjoys the performance as well as the pink cupcakes. (L-R) Chelsea, Jen, Heather, April, and Mary Ann.

The ladies came bearing gifts including Tarheel shaped pasta and moonshine cordials. What am I gonna do without my moonshine when I move to Zion?!

Thanks for a splendid evening, friends! Here's to you:
My Friend is Gone by Lillian M. Fisher

A hug, a tear, and you are gone.
Your swing is missing from the lawn.
Your house is silent, dark and lone.
Your window says no one is home.
I tried hard not to cry
When you waved a last good-bye.
How will I face each empty day
Without my friend who moved away?

5 Wisecracks:

Kikka said...

What ever happened to Boring Movie Saturday?

Heather said...

Cookies, Poety, and Friends! How awesome. Good thing you decided to try it out for the cookies. I think I am inspired to hold such a night sometime in the not too distant future.

Greg likes to hold bad movie night. He rents kung fu movies and various other terrible movies to laugh at. ;)

Rich said...

I love the idea of Poetry night. The girls love it when we read Shel Silverstein together - although half of the time Erika and I are laughing and the kids just have these puzzled looks... :)

nc quillers said...

I think Poetry night sounds like fun. How do you know Jen? I just met her as she's in my new ward. I LOVE THE GARNER WARD!

melissa said...

Jen used to live in my apartment complex before they moved to Indiana. She's delightful and you're so lucky to be in her ward!