Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Afternoon with my BBF

This is me with my dear friend Heather. Heather and I met at camp in 1994. (I had a delicious picture of everyone in our cabin right after we stole the youth staff's underwear. Unfortunately, my scanner seems to be on the fritz. You're welcome, Tammy and Kasey.) Ever since our camp days, Heather and I have been BBF (as she always mistakenly put it). We went to each other's high school plays, discussed the woes of being Key Club secretaries, and shared in each other's relationship tragedies and triumphs. Later in life she named her first child Elissa, making me a naesake. (See what I did there?) And she didn't seem offended that I didn't name my firstborn Eather. Her dad even gave me my epidural when I had Harrison, putting him in the top five of my list of Greatest People, Ever.

Last week Heather and her kids met us at the LDS Museum of Church History and Art in downtown Salt Lake City. They have a sweet exhibit there called "I Am a Child of God." There are a lot of little activities the kids can participate in. There was a nativity set with costumes, so naturally we had all the kids dress up and form a live nativity.
(L-R: Ryen (Mary), Elissa (Angel), Brigham (reluctant Baby Jesus), Harrison (Wise Man behind Cardboard Mary), Chloe (Shepherd), Gibson (Wise Man behind Cardboard Mary), and Spencer (Shepherd).
(This is a better shot of the hiding Wise Men.)

Here are Harrison and Chloe eating from the Tree of Life at the Lehi's Dream corner.

And here are Harrison and Ryen building temples (just like the one they're going to be married in). The first time Ryen saw Harrison she said, "Oh, he's handsome."

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Tammy and Alvin said...

Thank goodness for scanner fritzes! How fun that you and Heather got to meet up. Your kids are all so cute!

Katy said...

What a cool place to take the kids! Your previous posts are hilarious, especially your drawing of what a tram is. I'm with you on the rides at the fair-totally not safe! Your kids are adorable.

meredith.campbell said...

Oh, so Heather DID vote! I was wondering about that...

Rachael said...

Harrison is a handsome fellow! Looks like you guys are having fun out there! We sure miss you!