Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

On Tuesday our playgroup met at The Butterfly House to enjoy their March Morpho Mania.  The Blue Morpho butterflies were out in full force.  They were amazing!  And way too fast for me to catch with my camera.  I kept thinking, "If they would just land I could get a picture of one."  Then I realized that when they land, their wings close and they look like this:

Interesting, but not pretty.  I found being trapped in a room wtih thousands of flittering butterflies a bit unsettling. 

 Here are Chloe and E chasing a Blue Morpho:

Here's a Blue Morpho chasing Chloe and E:

Occasionally, they would land some place fun and oh!  how we'd laugh!

That night Miles became a Pukesaurus.  The other kids felt left out, so they joined him.  Just to one up them, he added a severe case of diarrhea.  I took him to the doctor yesterday, and he also has two ear infections.  You know what they say, "Double the ear infections, double the fun!"  The awesomeness has spread throughout the family. 

I am currently living on a steady diet of Gatorade and Girl Scout Cookies.  Both have healing powers.  We're all feeling better.  I'm sure we'll be back to chasing butterflies in no time.

6 Wisecracks:

Anne said...

Seriously, those pictures are awesome. Love the one with pink flowers the most.

elizabeth said...

those pictures look professional! hope you are all feeling better soon. (I went to the Durham museum of life and sciences butterfly exhibit and it really freaked me out to have all those butterflies swooping at me...I didn't go back)

Wendy said...

Have you been to the butterfly house at the zoo yet? It is much smaller and not as full of the flying critters.

Mom said...

Wow! That's fascinating! Those blue butterflies are gorgeous - isn't it amazing how nature protects them by making them look like a leaf when they land on something. Definitely a little unsettling to have lots of them flying around. Awesome pictures!

Cara K said...

Is it weird that butterflies creep me out? Pretty yes, in pictures or from behind glass.
It was so thoughtful of Miles to share his critter with the whole family!
Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

kenzie said...

You always make me laugh so hard. I wish I could get my hands on some girl scout cookies. It's probably better that I don't.