Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Few Helpful Hints

Today is Miles' first happy birthday! I'm sure you are all thinking, "I'd like to get him a gift, but what do you get the baby who has everything?" (i.e. diapers, wipes and milk). Well, fret no more! I have compiled a list of his likes and dislikes that I think will help you find the perfect gift.

  • His favorite food is ham.  (Click here to send him a Honey Baked Ham.)
  • His favorite book is I Am America and So Can You by Stephen Colbert.  (It's always the first book he pulls off the shelf when he ransacks our bedroom.)
  • When he grows up, he wants to be a dentist.  (I assume that's why he's constantly putting his fingers in other people's mouths.)
  • After a long hard day of doing not much, he likes to curl up in front of Sesame Street with his blankie and pacifier.  (Elmo tells it like it is.)
  • He could really use a new pair of flip flops to snack on.
  • He could also really use a manicure.  (I swear if that boy pinches the skin off my bulging biceps ONE MORE TIME . . .!)
  • His other favorites include: hugs, kisses, compliments, sippy cups, buttons that make noise, balls that bounce, car keys, dancing, raisins, walking, wrestling, and high-fives.

9 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

HAPPY BIG DAY, MR. MILES! i hope it is the best birthday EVER.
those pictures are too fun. very christopher robin. i could send you about a million filthy matchless flipflops for his collection. true love.

koryn said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red balloons and that huge smile! Ham, really? What a kid. I will get to work on that order right now.

Wendy said...

Yay for Miles!! Happy birthday kiddo! p.s. Alison LIKES older men AND fingers in her mouth.

Wendy said...

Do you want to take Alison's one year old pictures? Do we have to dress her up like the nard dog?

K.Q. said...

I see my balloon tying advice worked. :) Great pics!

Meredith said...

Your pictures are fantastic! What a cute baby! Happy birthday Miles!

The Mrs. said...

Connor used to pinch my arms too, right on the tender fatty part that jiggles around every time I wave.
Hurt like a beast!

Happy Birthday Cutie Boy!

Elise said...

The first picture is reminiscent of Christopher Robin. Don't know if that is what you were going for, but it looks great. :)

Happy b-day Miles!

Chris and Linzi said...

Okay, so are a great photographer but you also have a great muse...he is so cute. I mean, not just any person can pull off a onezie with leg rolls. I think I have a pair of flip flops he could snack on.....