Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorable Memorial Day Memories

On Friday when I told the kids that their cousins were coming to visit from Indiana, Chloe declared it The Best Day, Ever. The next day when we all went to the zoo and then spent the afternoon in the pool in the backyard, she changed her vote and dubbed Saturday The Best Day, Ever. (Especially since our pool lived up to the hype, unlike Wendy's pool.)

On Sunday when they got to go to church with their cousins and then camp out in the backyard with all the kids and the adult who drew the short straw, Chloe decided Sunday was actually The Best Day, Ever.

Then on Monday we went to Rocket Park, Uncle Ted and Aunt Aubrie took everyone to McDonald's for lunch, and kids spent the rest of the day running through sprinklers. Of course, Chloe had no choice but to announce that Monday was, in fact, The Best Day, Ever.

Thanks, Ted and Aubrie, for driving all the way down here and giving us a weekend we won't soon forget!

There were too many fun pictures to put on one post, so I made a slide show and set it to Harrison's favorite song, thereby making it The Best Video of the Best Weekend, Ever. I hope it brightens your day.

Bah!  Youtube won't let me play "Sunshine Day," so now you get a tiny Blogger video.  For the new Best Video Ever, see Harrison's latest blog post.

5 Wisecracks:

Aubrie said...

I think you might need a new song because I am pretty sure that your photos aren't blocked on copyrighted grounds.... But I am super excited to see the best video ever!

The Mrs. said...

I'm sure the pictures are amazing!
I'm visualizing their awesomeness now and they of course make me wish I was part of the best weekend ever.

Nicole said...

Best day for a kid is never quite the best day for an adult, eh? Hee! Good job making all the dreams come true.

Patti said...

That is the best...pool...EVER! It even has little palm trees. Oh my. And everybody's smiling, soaking up sunshine. My head's still bouncing to the music. It's still a sunshine day!

Heather said...

That is too much cuteness for one set of stairs!! I love that there were 4 of the best days EVER right in a row!!! Hooray for cousins and popsicles and water and Moms that will sleep outside with you in the tent :D

Um...Did you get any sleep in that tent?