Sunday, September 19, 2010

Full of Hot Air

Friday night Jeff and I went on a date for the first time in eleventyhundred days.  It was awesome!  We went to the annual Balloon Glow in Forest Park.  That place was hoppin'.

This year we skipped the fireworks and went straight to the making out.  We were on the clock with the babysitter, so whaddayagonnado?

6 Wisecracks:

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Love these pictures! Especially that one of you! Looks like so much fun! My hubs and I haven't been on a date in eleventyhundred and two days, so I guess we're due. Too bad there isn't a Balloon Glow festival around these parts.

KQ said...

I always say, "Skip the fireworks and go straight to the making out." I always say that. Always.

Ashley said...

Did they have that crazy song playing the whole time? "Up, up and awaaaaay in our beautiful ballooooon." Almost ruined the festival for me. We never went at night...I like that! All these things I missed...our stint there was just not long enough.

melissa said...

Ashley, since I have no idea what you're talking about I'm guessing the answer to your question is "no." We haven't gone during the day, yet. That would involve bringing our darling children. Maybe next year.

Andrea Lee Upton-Rowley said...

How fun!
And the balloon part sounds fun too. ;) waaahaha!!

Heather said...

Oh how loooovely!

I think I'll schedule a date. It has been eleventy hundred days for us too!