Monday, January 3, 2011

. . . and a Happy New Year!

Our Christmas vacation is officially over and I couldn't be happier.  We've had a great time being together nonstop, but it's time to get down to business.  Too bad I took my son to school today and no one was there.  Back to school tomorrow, it turns out.  Boooo.  I guess we get to enjoy the magic of the holidays for one more day.

Our friends Tammy and Alvin stopped by for a brief visit.  Tammy grew up across the street from Jeff and she and I used to be obnoxious teenagers together.  Good times.  Now we're all grown up with kids and stuff.  So weird.  Thanks for taking the time to come and see us, friends!

[We're all looking at Alvin's camera in this picture, but it was the only one I had with Miles because he took off after this.  I wanted to be sure to get one with Miles and Eliza in it for them to share with their future grandchildren.]

Jeff's brother Ted and his family came for New Year's.  Aunt Aubrie made her delicious eclairs again, so it's a tradition.  The babies loved playing MarioKart on our new Wii.  We also enjoyed having a Firefly marathon.  It's a fun show and it only lasted 14 episodes (plus the movie Serenity) so you can watch the whole thing in a week.  Do it. 

One of my favorite things to do is make our moderately enjoyable New Year's Eve parties look like super fun times.  Did it work?

Things got a little crowded in our cottage so we shoved the kids outside for a few minutes to run around and scream.  (What else do you do when it's 25 degrees outside?)  Chloe and Aeli decided to switch baby brothers. 

I'm so excited about starting a new year.  (More on that HERE.)  I decided to stop being afraid of bread.  Last night I successfully made rolls for the first time, ever.

See this?  This right here?  It's my over-the-moon face.

9 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

those are some of the prettiest rolls i have ever seen. and i have seen some rolls in my day. i am so proud of you.

Chelsea Monet said...

awesome rolls, Melissa. They look so yummy. Congrats. I still remember the very best popcorn I had was at your house. Was it the popper? Was it all the butter? or was it just that it had been 12 years since I had had anythign besides microwave popcorn?
In fact, most of my favorite tasting foods have come from your kitchen. Your famous pudding cookies, your chicken pie, your warm lemon cake...mmmm. So I know these rolls taste even better than they look!

Jess said...

A "Firefly" marathon? We are definitely kindred spirits. And those rolls look terrific. I feel inspired to try rolls again myself... Yum.

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

I can't believe those are your first rolls. They look delish and remind me of all the rolls I ate at your parents house in college!

Aubrie said...

Thanks for hosting an Awesome New Year's Party. We were sad to leave.

melissa said...

Thanks everyone.

Angie, those aren't my first rolls. Just my first SUCCESSFUL rolls. I've had a lot of bad bread experiences. Lost of tears. I can't really talk about it.

Wendy said...

I'm still confused about Miles being in a picture with Eliza for thier grandchildren...Is there something Alison needs to know? Awesome rolls. (although, I have had your cinnamon rolls and they were fantastic!)

Andrea Lee Upton-Rowley said...

I never thought I would say this to someone as a compliment, but NICE ROLLS!! ;)
I am actually working on cooking better this year. I just don't venture out and try new things as often as I should when it ocmes to dinner meals. Rolls have always come natural for me........both on and off my body. ha ha! (okay, I am such a nerd!!)

Nicole said...

The last thing I need is to have another person Brian can point to and say, "SHE makes rolls." Congratulations, though, because they look beautiful and now I'm hungry.

I think you needed to leave out the "meh" photo of Harrison in your New Year's Eve collage in order for me to buy the party.