Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disaster Relief

The storm of the century is upon us here in the Midwest.  There's a sheet of ice covering the city and everyone gets a snow day.  (Everyone but Jeff.)  Before the power goes out I wanted to be sure I took care of everything important.  You know, getting a hot shower, making brownies, updating my blog.  Stuff like that.
Missouri Art Museum (Best sledding hill in the city!)

While I'm still a fan of snow days, I must say this winter is killing me.  I love being given permission to stay home and make cookies because the weather outside is frightful on snow days.  But for some reason staying inside without an official declaration of "Snow Day" makes me feel trapped.  The kids are feeling it, too.  Occasionally, the weather lets up enough for me to take them on a field trip.

Last week we went to Whittle Shortline Railroad (along with every other toddler in town) to play with trains.  It blew Miles' mind.  He was crazy happy for 30 minutes and then he was just plain crazy.  Tantrum of epic proportions.  So many judging eyes.  I think we were blacklisted. 

The trains were cool, and all, but what was really amazing was this red chair.  (What the--?)  Miles is going through a phase where he likes to do lots of things I don't understand.  I expect this phase to last at least the next 30 years.

Our playgroup took a field trip to the local firestation.
  I asked one of the firemen why their trucks are yellow.  He said, "Because they're not ripe, yet." 

"Now, kids, don't be scared if you're in a fire and you see me coming at you dressed like this," says Firefighter Ian.

Chloe may have developed a small crush on Firefighter Ian. 

Firefighter Miles

The girls got together to read the latest gossip in Firefighter Weekly. 

Time to go find the candles.

7 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

i think i have been taking a "snow season". i have given myself permission to get practically nothing done pretty much since after thanksgiving. i'm getting fat as a result.

Wendy said...

Alison thinks that chair is awesome too! Stay warm!

melissa said...

Allyn, I was thinking, "Oh, good. Someone else is getting fat and getting nothing done." Then I remembered that you're pregnant. Respect the game, man.

Wendy, that's hilarious. Maybe Miles is normal after all. :)

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

What?!! Allyn is pregnant?!! Very cool!

That little red headed girl looks like she could be one of yours. Too cute!

The Reiersens said...

Haha, Chloe's look is so funny!:)

melissa said...

Hm. Is it? My favorite face is Brielle Erickson's. She's the little redhead with the peach shirt.

Jen said...

I'm about ready to check in to the loony bin myself. A weekend away without kids sounds like just the thing...