Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Rats of NIMH

When we were visiting my inlaws back in November, they let us raid their bookshelves and take home whatever we wanted.  We totally scored.  One of the books I picked up was Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.  I'd never read it before or seen the movie (Secret of NIMH), but some of you had recommended it.  I'd like to pass that recommendation along. 

This book is fantastic!  It's the story of a mouse named Mrs. Frisby who, in an effort to save her ailing son, asks the local rats for help and discovers they have a mysterious history and connection to her late husband.  Every time I finished a chapter, Harrison and Chloe would yell, "Just one more chapter!"  It was really suspenseful and exciting, but something they could enjoy as kids. 

The movie, on the other hand, is crap.  The book explains the plot with great story telling and logic.  The movie explains the plot with "magic."  What the WHAT?  Harrison said that's why the movie is "waaayyy better than the book.  Because there's magic."  Whatever, dude.

My baby was being adorable during bathtime.  I know this has nothing to do with rat books, but I didn't have any pictures that would relate.

Okay, seriously done with winter now.

6 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

awesome bath time glamour shots. that's an adorable face.
glad you liked the book. we watched the movie of percy jackson on saturday night. emma was pretty ticked and aron was wondering why it was so stupid. why does hollywood ruin a perfectly fun,fine, popular book? why?

Mandi said...

Oh my, Miles. You are my favorite baby ever. You know, besides my own, but just because I have to say that.

Jess said...

Adorable Miles. Absolutely adorable. :) I suppose I actually ought to read the book now- Cole has been bugging me to for years, but if you recommend it... ha ha. See you Saturday!

Christine said...

I've never read the book, but I LOVED the movie as a kid. We own it now, but I can't watch it, their depiction of people who do animal research...well, lets just say, I don't want your kids finding out what I do all day now!

melissa said...

I think that's the part that bothered me the most, Christine. In the book, the research facility is described as clean and full of light. The scientists are not depicted as evil people. The movie made it look horrific.

kenzie said...

Who is this fat baby? I don't even recognize him. He's too adorable striking a pose in the nude.