Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky You!

I'm never sure what I'm supposed to do to make St. Patrick's Day awesome each year.  I know people celebrate it, but how?  Eat Lucky Charm?  Turn orange juice green?  Wear funky socks?  As we sat down to dinner tonight, Harrison asked, "Mom, do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day?"  Yes, that's how lame I am with this holiday.  Luckily for me, my friend Shauna likes to turn ho-hum holidays into fun times.  She invited all of her friends over for a lunch party.  We all brought tasty food and she painted faces while we chatted. 

Chloe waits nervously for her turn at the brush.

Aspen takes face painting very seriously.


The weather was beautiful and so was Miles' sidewalk chalk art.

Wendy and Alison were sad to go.  They're moving next month.  I'm crying already.

Sweet Hallie

Finally it was Chloe's turn.

And she was a BEAUTIFUL butterfly!

I forgot to have The Talk with Chloe before the party.  You know, The Don't Let Punks Take You For A Ride in a Stolen Wagon Talk. 

Thanks for making St. Patrick's Day super fun, Shauna!  Now, what can we do about Labor Day?

10 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

Shuana is amazing right? That Alison is darling but don't get me crying again! You know how emotional St. Patrick's day makes me!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

My kids are almost more excited for St. Patrick's day than they are for Christmas, which suits me fine because St. Patty's day is so much easier (and cheaper) to pull off than Christmas.

melissa said...

Why do they get so excited about it? You must be one of those fun moms who knows how to celebrate right. What do you do?

allyn said...

chloe looks truly tortured in that last picture. the caption made me laugh hard, though. adam came down for breakfast last yesterday and asked why the food wasn't green. i had totally forgotten what day it even was. i told him maybe dinner would be green. too bad, i forgot again and we had red tomato soup.

Nicole said...

I'm a St. Patrick's Day scrooge for sure. Bridget's preschool teacher set her expectations way too high since they celebrated on the 16th. I had to pretend all day yesterday that every misplaced item in the house was the fault of the dirty leprechauns. Doing face painting and scary wagon rides is beyond Fun Mom - that's like Fantasy Mom.

Shauna said...

Wow! This makes me sound so much cooler than I am! Thanks! As always, Melissa, your pictures are lovely! But, I'm leaving Labor Day to you... it's all yours!

melissa said...

Nicole, Chloe was actually having the MOST fun riding in the wagon. That's her over-the-moon face.

P.S. That's Shauna's son and I only called him a punk because of his wicked awesome green mohawk. He's really very sweet.

Heather said...

I'm inspired to make more of Saint Patricks Day next year....sigh. We wore green. Does that count as celebrating? ;)

Kristi said...

your friend has mad face painting skills. i am so lame when it comes to St. Patrick's Day that Jami gave me darling candy gifts for me to claim as my own and give to my kids on St. Patty's Day and...I forgot. Lame, lame, lame. I'm wondering if I can still give them the treats and tell them the leprichon (sp?) hid them...I don't know. I have a hard time getting into this holiday.

Katy said...

I love all you pictures! Your family is so cute. Love Jeff's "blog" idea!