Friday, April 8, 2011

On That Farm He Had a Dog Show

Wednesday we met our playgroup at Purina Farms to visit their Easter Village and check out a dog show.  Purina Farms is one of my favorite places to visit around here.  They have the good stuff kids go for like corn boxes (sand boxes filled with corn), tunnels, and rope swings.

They also have old ladies dressed up as bunnies holding baby animals for us to pet.  Did anyone else know that was a career option?

Chloe's favorite part was milking Mabel, the cow. 

DOG SHOW!  Does anyone else remember that weird Dog Show skit they used to do on SNL?  Their "theme song" kept running through my head as I watched the flying dogs.

This crazy dog nearly jumped right out of the picture!  They were really very cool.  We rounded out our visit with a tractor ride around the farm. 

Oh, Spring.  You're so good to us.

10 Wisecracks:

Heather McKeon said...

Oooh, now when I'm an old lady I have two possible job options: crazy scary lady on the street that other kids dare to go ring her doorbell or dress up as a bunny and hold baby animals. Actually those two may not be exclusive.

Can't remember that SNL song - but am now singing 'Toonces the cat that could drive.' Thank you.

Mom said...

Did you take all these pictures? That's impressive to catch all those dogs in mid-air! We're going to buy a camera tonight.:) It's also amazing that Chloe seems so calm around those animals! Darling picture of Chloe and Miles walking.:) Thanks for the fun post.

Nicole said...

Mom thinks that if she has a new camera she can catch dogs in mid-air. Ha! That takes the speed and skill of someone like you! Good job being Fun Mom with a Camera. (Heather is funny. I want to be scary AND dress up as a rabbit, too.)

melissa said...

@Heather, it wasn't so much a song as it was Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon yelling "DOG SHOW!" in between a short drum beat. I tried to find it online. No luck.

@Mom, yes I did take them. Good thing there were about five dogs who each caught a frisbie ten times apiece. Makes it easier to get a few good jump shots. Thanks.

Patti said...

I was most impressed with Chloe and the cow and the whole milking thing. Well done little milkmaid!

allyn said...

i am actually quite surprised that chloe went near that lady. that is seriously the scariest thing i have ever seen. way scarier than santa. those ears? c'mon. real bunnies don't even have ears that long.
that does look like an awesome place to go. i bet it is free, too. stinkin' st. louis with all their free entertainment.

melissa said...

Ha! They really weren't scary at all. I just think it's a funny uniform. They should unionize.

And, yes, it's totally free.

Wendy said...

HAHA! I just watched that Dog Show clip on VH1's SNL in the 90's, like two days ago! SO SO SO SO fun, wish I could have come.

kenzie said...

Oh, the dog show. I love the one with James VanDerBeek.
So do you think that guy got those guns from milking cows? 'cause maybe I should get a cow to get more toned.

Chelsea Monet said...

That looks so fun. Man, we chose the wrong place to live.

By the way, Scott's dream is to have Jimmer (our dog) do what those dogs are doing. Everyday he practices with him.

It is good. Keeps both of them out of trouble.