Sunday, April 3, 2011

One WILD Concert

Harrison had his 2nd Grade Concert last week. I don't know what that music teacher did to put the fear in everyone's eyes, but those kids sure were serious. Harrison told me they weren't allowed to wave to their parents. I think all the kids decided that meant they weren't allowed to make smile or make eye contact with their parents, either.

H with his game face on.

Harrison said that "Go Ape!" was his favorite song, so I am posting it for your listening pleasure.  Their over-the-moon faces crack me up every time.   Once it was over, the kids seemed to relax.  They all did a great job with the singing and Miles even sat still for most of it.

H's Game Over Face.

Here he is with his teacher, Ms. E.  I can't believe Second Grade will be over next month!

4 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

your week with patti looks like good times. gma time is the best.
i Love the school musical performances. the kids are hilarious to watch. our kids' music teacher is pretty awesome to watch, too. she is 4'11" and looks EXACTLY like professor umbridge, but she dances on her chair while directing them. it is hilarious.
h. totally looks like jeff while he is singing that song. his eyes looking to the side without his head moving and his mouth merely saying the words. just like dad.


Nicole said...

Why would you let 2nd graders sing a song called "Go Ape" and not let them dance around a little?! I bet that's the whole thing behind having all that time between singing, "Go ape." Hmmm. That doesn't make as much sense written down as it does in my head. Fun to see Harrison sing - thanks for posting video, man. :)

Patti said...

I was thinking the exact same thing so it totally makes sense. Let the kids "Go Ape" already. I noticed Harrison had the shadow of a bounce there at the end. I know I was boppin'! Good job!

Uno Kidney said...

Ha ha ha. The irony!
My favorite is all of the toothless lisps.