Saturday, May 28, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

Harrison started summer vacation this week. It's been great having him around to entertain us all. The first couple of days with him really stressed me out. I finally realized last night that it's because he's constantly asking if we can do fun activities and go fun places. He's all about the fun. Sometimes the fun for Harrison is not the fun for me. Usually it's just Chloe and Miles and me. Chloe never asks to do anything, ever. Her expectations could not possibly be lower, so when I suggest we go find the fun, she's overwhelmingly appreciative. I'm working on changing my expectations of how the day will go and teaching Harrison to change his. As my mom used to say, "We're not gonna do this all summer!"
Before I had children, I used to be disgusted by yards filled with random toys and bikes and such. "Why don't those parents teach their children to clean up their junk?" I wondered. Of course that is my yard now and I don't care enough to keep it looking like no one lives here. Thanks for teaching me a lesson again, karma.

My peonies finally bloomed!  They were so pretty that I decided to cut a few for inside the house.  An hour later, a storm came and wiped out the rest of them.  We've spent a lot of time in the basement waiting for tornados to pass.  I'm woefully unprepared for an emergency.  Another problem I've discovered is that living next to a train is not helpful when you are worried about being hit by a natural disaster that supposedly sounds just like a train.

We'll be spending some time in Utah this summer and Mr. Miles is way too husky for a Pac 'n Play.  On his birthday, we turned his crib into a toddler bed. 

I believe he liked the idea.
Can you stand this face?  We figured we had better start training him early because we had such a hard time keeping our other kids in bed at night (still do).  It's been a week now and he has yet to come out of his room at bedtime or naptime.  What in the world?  I can't decide if that makes him super obedient or not so smart.
Okay!  Okay!  Smart!  It makes you smart!  Don't hurt me!

Catch you later!

8 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

I laughed out loud several times reading this. Not just LOL but really laughed out loud. Love the picture of Miles and his new bed. True happiness!

KQ said...

Ditto everything Patti said. I'm still laughing.

Cole said...

Utah, eh? Would you be around during Don's big surprise party in June? :)

melissa said...

Sorry, "Cole", we won't get there until the first week of July! Hope it's super fun!

Nicole said...

You WILL do "this" all summer. We always did this all summer long. That was how you knew summer had begun - Mom saying her famous line. Miles is such a tough guy! Look at those muscles!

Heather said...

Oh the awesomeness of this post. I love your family. This also sounded alarmingly like parker and meadow! :) Love your pictures as always!

Jess said...

Okay, that's embarrassing. I didn't realize I was logged in as Cole. Well, we'll miss you at the grand birthday bash, but we may have to meet you at the infamous golden corall. :)

allyn said...

how do you always get just the right picture for your post? miles is so excited about his new bed and your peonies...good save.
i wish harrison and adam could spend some quality time together this summer. too bad. perhaps we could switch adam and chloe. i need someone who is easy to please with no expectations around here.