Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ghetto Fabulous Memorial Day Fun

Yesterday was Memorial Day.  Did anyone else forget that?  Jeff had to work, Harrison's already been out of school for a week, and we don't have family nearby to celebrate with so I kind of forgot that Monday was a holiday.  Once I remembered, I told the kids they could run through the sprinkler and eat popsicles.  Memorial Day is their new favorite.  (Also work.  Work is their new favorite.)

It seems that Chloe has grown a foot since last summer so she didn't fit in her swimsuits.  Leotards are the same, right?
I like pictures that make Miles look ENORMOUS.

Look!  Look!  Do you see what I see?  My little boy finally has two front teeth!  After the incident, I never thought they would grow back in.  A lifetime of trips to the orthodontist flashed before my eyes.  We're saved!

I have no idea what he was crying about.

I'm sure it was nothing a lime popsicle couldn't fix.

Something about lying in my deck chair watching my children play in the water made me feel like I was livin' large.  And even though my husband swiped those chairs from my neighbor's trash under the cover of darkness last Fall and my kids were running through a sprinkler and not hanging out at our club pool, I still felt rich.

5 Wisecracks:

Mom said...

I'm glad you figured out how to have fun. :) Is Chloe really almost as tall as Harrison? She really has grown! Love Harrison's two front teeth - now he doesn't have to sing the song at Christmas.:)

KQ said...

ENORMOUS Miles stole this rich show!

allyn said...

miles looks enormous on the slide in the first picture, let alone the real ENORMOUS picture.
before i even read the caption for the harrison picture i totally noticed the front teeth coming in. did you give him an apple when you first discovered them?
glad you had some fun times for memorial day!

Wendy said...

Ha! Love this! I have been reading about how a lot of other people go to cememtaries and read stuff, and then I feel bad that I didn't "properly" celebrate. I figured "civil war week" on Pawn Stars (another show you don't watch) and breaking in the slip n slide was celebration enough. Glad you had the same idea.

Patti said...

There's nothing as celebratory as a sprinkler and popsicles! We were waterproofing the deck and wished we had a sprinkler and popsicles. (The leotard is the new swimsuit.)