Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fourth of July--Tracy Aviary

Our Fourth of July was epic.  The kind of day where at the end of the day you think about how the day started and it doesn't seem possible that everything happened on that same day.  We started our holiday celebration by meeting the Peterson clan at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City.  Birds . . . am I right?

Kids as birds.  Always funny.

I love this picture Jeff took of his Grandma Win.  And not just because she reminds me of the old lady on Shoebox greetings cards.

This picture is probably much funnier to me than it is to you, but whatever.  Jeff's cousin Kirstin took care of all of the younger kids.  She made sure the kids spoke softly and didn't get too close to the peacock.  It was all very NatGeo.

Brian always seems keenly aware of when a camera is pointed at him.  Well done, man.  Now let's see you carry two kids in a grocery store while you're pregnant.

Aubrie shows the kids a bird's nest in a mailbox.  Whoever sent that really should have put it in a box first.

I love peacocks.  They're so fancy.

Oh, and I was there, too.

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Chelsea Monet said...

You have long hair again!

The Reiersens said...

Awww, such a good picture of you and Chloe!!....she does look like the shoebox lady!